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Have you ever wondered what is magic? Have you believed if it really even existed? “Can it be real?” you ask yourself. Well maybe it was just endowed in one person at a time or even a bunch of people. To be honest we will probably never know. But there was a boy who became a man who really had a touch of magic on his side. His name was Walt Disney and his story begins in the little town of Marceline.
Elias and Flora Disney, parents of Walt, picked up all his belongings in Chicago and moved to Marceline. (Greene, 7) His father bought a 45-arce farm, in order to protect his kids from the sin-filled streets of Chicago. Walt was born fourth of five children on December 5, 1901. (Greene, 7) ...view middle of the document...

There was a certain teacher who had an impact in his life too. (Greene, 16-18) Daisy A. Beck repeatedly let Walt draw and fool around but always after he was done with his work. (Greene, 16-18)
Soon World War I came around and Walt was very interested in it. (Greene, 21-24) He wanted to be involved so bad that he lied about his age. (Greene, 21-24) Lying about his age became a regular thing. (Greene, 21-24) When he came back from the war, his father was very excited and had a job that’s paid $25 dollars a week, lined up for him. (Greene, 31-32) Walt had declined his father’s offer because he wanted to become an artist. (Greene, 31-32) He got a job at Pesmen-Rubin Commercial Art Studio. (Greene, 31-32) Later he met Ubbe Iwwerks whom he started his first business with. (Greene, 31-32) They called it Disney-Iwwerks, but later changed it to Iwwerks-Disney. (Greene, 31-32) Their first customer was Walt Pfeiffer’s father. (Greene, 31-32) Soon Walt had two jobs, one at Kansas City Film Ad and a night job at Newman Laugh-O-Grams. (Greene, 37) He was happy and considered he had it all, but that all changed. (Greene, 37) First Herbert moved to Portland, Oregon, then Roy to Arizona, lastly his parents moved in with Herbert in Oregon. (Greene, 37) Now Walt was all alone. (Greene, 37)
Walt moved to Hollywood and moved in with his uncle. (Greene, 42-43) His first couple of days and nights he went around as a tourist. (Greene, 42-43) Finally Walt got a job as a movie extra. (Greene, 42-43) The film was canceled and Walt lost his job. (Greene, 42-43) Eventually Walt got married to Lillian Bounds. (Greene, 48) When Lillian Disney married Walt she knew that her life was going to be revolved around his work. (Greene, 49)
Walt achieved many different goals before many animators. A breakthrough was colored cartoons. The Silly Symphony became the first cartoon to be in color in July 1923. (Krasniewicz, 62-63) Later Walt remade the three little pigs to be a rhyme. (Krasniewicz, 62-63) In 1934 the remake won an Oscar for “best short subject cartoon.” (Krasniewicz, 62-63)
Before there was Mickey there was Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Walt’s first great success. (Greene, 4) Walt was betrayed by a so-called friend, Charlie Mintz. (Greene, 4) Oswald was created by Walt Disney but was really owned by Universal Pictures. (Greene, 4) Because of this incident Mickey, the mouse we all love was created in secret and his first name was Mortimer Mouse. (Greene, 54, 5) Mickey was so wanted by the public that Walt got betrayed again by Pat Powers. (Greene, 59, 62) He was the distributor of Walt’s films. (Greene, 59, 62) The year 1931, was one of Walt’s ill years of his life even though he was on his way of becoming a legend. (Greene, 65) During the Great Depression many businesses failed but the Disney studio prevailed with new additions. (Greene, 69) Pluto and Goofy the Dippy Dawg had come to join Mickey and Minnie. (Greene, 69) One of the best animators before Walt...

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