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I am a Keene “townie.” I grew up here, my parents grew up here and yes, their parents grew up here too! I sit in the company of other “townies” reading “The Keene Sentinel” and marveling over the enormous changes that have taken place in our town over the past thirty years or so. Keene has become a “big city” and has brought with it big city concerns. We read about stabbings and drugs and reminisce about the worst damage the college kids used to cause was putting shampoo in the Central Square water fountain to watch the bubbles float out to Main Street and piss off Keene Police.
Growing up here, the closest I came to a big city was reaching the top of Mount Monadnock and looking out to ...view middle of the document...

I began to watch the Shakespeare Theatre every summer on the ocean and visit museums and see musicals and expand my mind in ways I never knew I could, being from Keene.
I became citified! I vowed never to return to the small town simpleton I was once. I began to work in Insurance companies, selling policies to wealthy and sometimes no so wealthy clients. I made money in the corporate world of dishonest compassion and false smiles. I was considerably unhappy in profession and spirit and yet surrounded by money and materials. I got my nails and hair done every week and became what is known as high culture. This is a term sociologists use to describe people who are attracted to classical music, opera, live theatre and other interests adored by the elite. I was upper class and completely dissatisfied.
After a series of life events that I will not bother with here, I have found myself living back in my hometown as a low income, single mother. I live on Section 8 housing, food stamps and child support. I attend college to pursue a dream that I have had since I was a child. My current social status would be not be considered in the slightest, elite or cultured and certainly not high class. However, except for the financial strain, I have never been happier emotionally and spiritually. Although I struggle quite a bit as a poor single mother, the decision to pursue a dream has been more valuable to me than any insurance deal I ever made. I do not consider...

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