Just A Normal Saturday Essay

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The cold, hard ball was tight against my foot. Grass was dragging against my shoe with every step I take. The wind was brisk against my face and the sun beamed down on my neck. Sweat was dripping down my face as I weaved in and out of cones for the hundredth time. The drying heat only seemed to motivate me more as I continued to break down every barrier possible. My throat was sere and my stomach urged me to quench my thirst, but I refused to succumb to the screaming pain. I weaved through again feeling my cleats rip into the ground as I lunged around the cones. I powered around the last cone with scorching speed and my last touch teed the ball up perfectly for a shot. Everything slowed down for a moment as I stalked up to the ball like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. I took the last step and felt my foot come into contact with the ball, a feeling I have had so many times before but every time it felt different. This feeling would never get old. I ripped the ball straight into the net and saw the net take the impact of a perfect strike. The ball came bouncing right to my feet as I turned; the ball was glued to my feet. I squared myself back up with the cones and again I zig-zag through the simplest of all mazes. This process had become second nature to me, a muscle memory that can only be attained through constant repetition. This time my foot slips on the tore up grass. A variable I had not been prepared for, I instantly pushed off my knees however and felt the ball once again come into range with my feet and I repeated the dulling task that I have done so many times before.
“It’s almost time for dinner!” My mom yells from the back porch. She obviously had no clue that she was taking me out of the seemingly impenetrable zone I was in. Even with my stomach aching for food I wouldn’t surrender to it.

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