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“Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle.” - Ian MacLaren. I believe that this quote relates to me very deeply, because of the events that occurred last summer. It was a period of barely three months and what I learned was a life changing fact; anyone could be going through difficult times and you may never even know.

I was being sent to summer camp because according to my parents I don’t make the most out of my summer breaks. I sighed as i boarded the fancy bus. I love my parents but this is super annoying, what if I meet someone I don't like? Or worse someone who doesn't like me. The bus barely moved an inch but i was feeling homesick already. The bus had six stops I ...view middle of the document...

I still don’t know how it’s possible for Andrew and Marcus to be related. Andrew came from my school so we kind of knew each other; all that I really knew about him was that he was nick named as the Adonis of our school. His older sister Jessica was also taking part in this camp, she’s known as the ice princess, she tends to be very secretive and has a strong poker face but she acts differently around her friends, I see her smiling and laughing with her friends, which everyone believes is rare.

A few days had passed, I was fairly used to things around camp, I even became friends with some of the girls that I shared the room with. We were out learning how to canoe, Sunny, Erika and I were sharing a canoe. Sunny, who sat in the middle, began talking about random things; she was a lot friendlier than she appeared, as mentioned earlier. Erika and I also added comments here and there but Sunny did most of the talking; she was determined to get to know everyone in camp. During the canoe trip Erika asked Sunny why she had been so determined to become friends with everyone, the atmosphere sullied as Sunny replied with two words. The words “I’m lonely” escaped her lips. She revealed that her mom had passed away a year ago and her father couldn't accept it so he fell into depression; he lived in another state while she lived with her aunts’ family, she was a horrible mess after her confession to the two of us. It seemed like she had been keeping a lot of things to herself for a long time.

I would've never guessed her family situation was that bad if she hadn't told us. It made me realize that not everyone has a happy life at home. Sunny and I became closer after the confession and she had gone back to her normal cheerful and lively self. It was so difficult to tell that she was going through so much because of the way she genuinely laughed and smiled. She’s so strong, I thought mentally, she's really strong for not breaking down, for not becoming depressed after what happened to her; it really made me look up to her.

It was the second week of camp when Roxanne, Marcus (Mark), Casey and I had been assigned as the chefs for the week; we had exceptionally gotten closer due to the fact that we met and talked three times a day. It was Thursday and we were making breakfast, a yelp was heard when Mark accidentally burned himself. Everything was so sudden, I just froze and watched Casey run to Mark’s side, pulling up the sleeve of Mark’s shirt as he went to treat the first degree burn. It certainly wasn't the only wound on his arm, cuts and bruises were more than evident on the pale boys skin. Mark didn't say a word but it was understood that he would speak when he was comfortable telling us about his cuts and bruises. Had he been going through something at home? Or was it at school? It was sudden but two days after, Mark came to us during the campfire gathering and told us about the physical abuse he went through at home.

Casey watched him as...

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