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Just Drifting Like This Essay

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In a sunny afternoon, everything seems kind and peace. A black Nissan GT-R speeds by, drifts to opposite lane and stops in front of the gate of an auto repair. A man gets off from that sports car, his name is Vey, and he is the boss of this auto repair. A few years ago, he was just a vagrant and found a menial job in this auto repair. But everyone levers one by one because of this recession trade. The last boss give this shabby house to Vey, now all the responsibility is on Vey’s shoulder.
Vey attracts many clients because of his honest and behavior, his trade gets better, but he does not want any assistants because he gets used to be alone. He needs to do many professional work, fix the cars’ malfunction and drive the car to clients’ home. The most expensive thing is time, more fast he drive will make more money. His road sense gets better step by step, he need three hours to drive five hundred kilometers in past. One year later, he ...view middle of the document...

He decides to race with his GT-R which has 3.8 gas displacement and double turbo, it can accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometer per hour in 2.8 seconds.
This is a nervous night, they appear together. Jack’s car is Koenigsegg Agera R which has a V8 5.0T engine and 1156 horsepower. It’s an amazing data. Their racing rule is no refuel during the game. No light, only hand break allow. All they want to race is the driving skills.
Three! Two! One! Go! The rear-wheel burnout because of the huge torque. Jack is in the lead, everyone in the world know Agera R is much stronger than GT-R. They are all wheel drive car so they all have a good stability. But the rule - hand break only changes that. They can only use drift to make a turn. This is an amazing racing, both sides is top level racer. They arrive an S curve, their drift is perfect, the front wheel catch the flexural center tightly. They only has 5 km left, but this time, Vey is not so lucky, he is out of control when he get out of the way of a private car. He fall behind, he takes a deep breath, opens the nitrogen. That GT-R seems be an all new one, the feeling of accelerating is much better than before. Four kilometers left, three kilometers left, two kilometers left, Vey runs after Jack, approaches a little bit. The last kilometers race left, the real race begins, both of them reach 400km/h, they are just in a normal city highway! The police men give up on catching them long ago. The end line is in sight, but the two truck take up all the road. How can they do? No body know. For safe, Vey does not grab that line, Jack speed up, get though two truck, but the truck driver does not see him, hit against him unguarded, that Agera R tremble fiercely, shake right and left, finally, he turnover. The car burns and the fuel tank break, finally, it explodes.
GT-R goes across the end line, everyone cheer for him. But at this time, that Bugatti which Jack gave explodes in front of his auto repair, his house burns. Vey knew that: Jack wants to kill him, but now, it doesn’t matter, he wins.
Vey begins his new life, but the black GT-R is still in people’s mind, full speed ahead the highway around the city, towards the sun.

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