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How A Bill Becomes A Law

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In our countries government, Congress plays a major role in decision making. They’re primary role is to pass laws. These laws start off as bills. Bills can only be introduced by members of Congress. Although these bills only come from Congressman, there are many people who influence these bills. Such as the president, regular citizens, offices in the executive branch, and many others. The bills right off the bat do not have a very good chance of passage. Only one out of every ten bills even gets any attention at all. This is because they must go through many tests and hearings before they even have a chance of landing on the president’s desk. These steps in a bill becoming a law are very important, and make sure that all bills passed into law are the best of the best.
First, in the long process of a bill becoming a law is introducing a bill. After someone from Congress in either chamber has come up with an idea for a bill they must introduce it. For members of the House of Representatives this is easy. All they have to do is put their idea in a mahogany box at the front of the chamber called the hopper. Now for a Senator to introduce a bill they must either hand it to the clerk of the Senate or they must talk about it in a presentation to their peers in a floor speech. Sometimes though Senators can cut down this process by adding their bill as an amendment to legislation that is already being processed. This saves them a lot of time. Also, new ideas for bills are labeled depending on what chamber they come from. Bills from the house will always be labeled with an H.R. with its number behind it. Well bills from the Senate will always be labeled with an S. followed by its number.
Second, after the bill is introduced the referral decision stage is next. Whether it’s from the house or senate the bill is read into the daily congressional record and becomes a formal proposal. Next, the Senate or House parliamentarian sends the bill to a specific committee. The committee that it is sent to will likely be related to the bill. So bills about things like farming are going to go to the agriculture committee, bills about small business will go to the small business committee, and so forth. A lot of times though these regular committees will send bills to even more specific subcommittees.
Third, the next big step is when the bills go to committees. So as stated earlier most committees will send the bills down to very specialized subcommittees for review. This is considered the first big leap towards being passed and becoming a law. Once being reviewed by the subcommittees many hearings will take place. The only problem is these subcommittees have very little time to review bills and hold hearings. This means that only the most important of legislation will be reviewed and receive hearings. That is also why this stage is the biggest stage where bills are killed and never talked about again or found important and eventually passed. If a bill is...

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