How Accurately Does The Film, "A Night To Remember" Depict The Actual Sinking Of The Ship Titanic?

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My opinion is that the film showed the build up and actual sinking of the ship very accurately indeed. There were of course a few discrepancies as would be expected. Also remembering that a few of the mistakes may not have been found out until later, the detail of the movie was excellent and showed it extremely well.The ship in the movie was almost exactly like the real life Titanic and showed all the features that the real one would have, like the size and design of the decks. They showed not only the exterior well but also the interior was very well copied. There were things like the big staircase that the first class passengers would use, third class cabins were just like they would have been with very comfortable conditions compared to other third class surroundings and the dining rooms, bedrooms and most surroundings were just like that of the real ship. They showed how the passengers on different classes would have been living and entertaining themselves very well, for instance, the third class passengers would be playing their own folk music and dancing whilst the first class passengers would be entertained with a five man band and sit around and drink champagne. The costumes used for the different classes were very accurate also, with exquisite gowns for first class and simple frocks for third.The hitting of the iceberg in the movie depicted the real story well, even though it did look a little fake…Where the iceberg actually struck was very accurate, making it's fatal gash in the starboard (left) side of the ship. The effects of the iceberg were showed well and were very accurate such as what happened in the boiler rooms and what was done about it (scooping water out). They showed the fatal mistake of Jack Phillips getting several ice warnings and mixing them up with the passengers' messages to land, which was an important chapter of the Titanic story. They showed the exact actions of many of the people associated with the striking of the iceberg, they showed Frederick Fleets rings of the bell and ice warning, but did not show him ring the bell trice as he had been reported doing in real life.The evacuation in the film was shown in great detail and connection to the real happenings. The fact that the women and children were to load the boats first was shown very clearly in the movie and the reactions of those on board was extremely accurate. It showed that at the start of evacuation people were reluctant to get into the lifeboats as they thought that nothing was wrong, then nearer the end it showed that people were desperate to get to safety and wives hesitant to leave their husbands. It showed that first class...

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2325 words - 9 pages catastrophe that will go down in history as “the night to remember.” Works Cited Deitz, Dan. “How did the Titanic Sink?” Mechanical Engineering. April 2012: 36-39. Print. Greeley, Joseph. “Saving the Titanic: Could Damage Control Have Prevented the Sinking?” 2-9. Print. Gunner, Michael. “The Sinking of RMS Titanic a Critical and Ethical Study.” University of Sussex. Nov. 2007. Web. Haydon, John. “20 Facts about Titanic.” The Washington

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