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How America Won The War Essay

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< < Back to Start of Article Expand the international force PARIS The first group of 600 recruits for the new Afghan army have completed a six-week course with British trainers. At last, a start. But it is still a very long way from creating an internal force with a chance of even beginning on the security needed to put the country back together..There are some 4,000 Bristish, German and other soldier in the International Security Assistance Force that is supposed to assure some safety just in the capital, Kabul. Turkey is scheduled to take over command from the Bristish in a few weeks. And there are still American, Canadian and assorted provincial Afghan forces around the country chasing remmants of Al Qaeda and Taliban to wind up the war..But in the meantime, Tajik fighters from the Northern Alliance brought south to take the capital from the Taliban have been turned loose there, unpaid, unfed, unclothed. So they are preying on the local people, particularly in the poor suburbs, and the people are praying for the international peacekeepers to take over. In other parts of the country there isn't even a semblance of organized peacekeeping. Everything depends on local warlords and what kind of authority the national leader Hamid Karzai can claim to impose..If this goes on, it is a flat betrayal of the promises the United States made to Karzai and the organizers of the interim government at the conference in Germany to launch the transition from the defeated Taliban rulers. Plans are to hold a traditional consultative conference representing all segments of the country by this summer, and then for a provisional government to hold elections by 2004..Karzai, the warlords (even those who are fighting each other), veteran experts on the country with varying backgrounds, the people themselves and practically anyone who has paid attention are appalled at America's refusal to see the international force expanded to cover the whole country and its term expanded well beyond the few months foreseen. It is widely recognized that the disaster which overtook Afghanistan after the U.S.-armed and Pakistani-guided resistance forced Soviet invaders to withdraw was the result of foreign inattention. Internal rivalries brought so much disorder that people welcomed the dictatorial Taliban at first. So they then produced terror and overwhelming U.S. intervention..This time America promised not to walk away when its primary interests have been served, and it was on that clear understanding, which has to include local security and reconstruction aid, that Karzai's government was established..Diplomats at NATO who have been watching closely say he is proving surprisingly competent, skillful and dedicated. But that isn't enough. Robert Torricelli, a member of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, spent one day in Afghanistan recently and said, "I was very reluctant before I came but now I feel there's no choice but to expand." U.S. forces will have to remain...

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