How American Pop Culture Influenced Australian Society In The 1950's

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After WWII Australia drifted apart from their mother country, Britain and became closer with America. AS the American way of life became popular it influenced the way we spent our money, entertain, dress and socialise. Eventually Australia's British practices were replaced with the popular American culture.America's presence had been felt in Australia since WWII. As well as political ties between the two countries, America and Australia were strong trade partners. Australia sourced almost 25 percent of its imports from America since 1928. Before the war, Australians also enjoyed American cultural imports like films and music.Throughout World War II, Australia became increasingly dependent on the America, rather than Britain, for military support. By the end of the war, links between America and Australia were strong and overtime took over traditional ties with Britain. Thousands of American troops were stationed in Australia during WWII.America emerged from World War II as the dominant global economic power and was well-placed to export its cultural products to the world, including Australia. At the same time, Australians in the 1950s were well-placed to receive American cultural influences. People were more comfortable than ever before and communications and transport technology was advancing rapidly, enabling an easier transmission of American products and ideas into Australian society.Australian popular music during the 1950s drew heavily from America, as both British and Australian youth were into American-style rock 'n' roll. Famous people for their 1950's American rock 'n' roll included Bill Haley and the comets, Elvis Presley and Buddy Holly.Radio and television came in during the 1950's and...

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