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How Can Sustainable Tourism Best Be Developed In Homestead, Pennsylvania? A Comprehensive Plan For Sustainable Tourism.

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Executive SummaryThis tourism plan will examine ways to help create and improve sustainable tourism in Homestead, Pennsylvania. This will be done through careful analysis of established theories in the field of tourism planning through a literature review. Then with the aid of primary research, including visual and written field journals, provide a comprehensive plan to achieve the afore mentioned goal. This will be supplemented by a Strengths Weaknesses Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis of the site, in addition to a market and product profile.IntroductionHomestead, Pa was formerly a part of a vast steel industry for approximately 100 years. The Homestead Works, the steel manufacturing plant located in Homestead, Pa, provided the U.S. and the world with a vast amount of steel. After the industry began to fade in the 1960's and even more so when the plant finally shut down in the 1980's, Homestead faced a population decline. There is no big industry in Homestead to sustain its inhabitants or to encourage others to visit.The Rivers of Steel organization (ROS) contacted Professor Susan Ryan of California University of Pennsylvania about developing a tourism plan for their region of Homestead, Pennsylvania. The California University undergraduate class of Comprehensive Travel Planning, Geo 358, has taken the task of spending a semester of research to create this plan. The end result will be individual students' 30 page comprehensive plan for sustainable tourism in Homestead for the ROS organization.Thesis StatementWith this in mind, the main research question of this Tourism Plan is, How can sustainable tourism be Developed in Homestead, Pennsylvania? In considering this research question, a sub-set of questions arises. Those being: How do we best use the Rivers of Steel-National Heritage Area to attract tourists to the Homestead area? and, What socio-economic factors are involved in creating this plan?Destination OverviewAccording to the 2000 census, the city of Homestead has a total population of 20,437 (Census). Its landscape is littered with hills and valleys, surrounded on one side by a river. Its streets are established, and the main roads connecting Homestead to its metropolitan counterpart, Pittsburgh, are the Blue Beltway or West Street, 5th Avenue, and Rt. 837.(Maptech 2005)Project SignificanceWhen faced with a declining economy due to lack of industry, the city of Homestead is in dire need for revenue, jobs, and sustainable living. This tourism plan project will show both the Rivers of Steel Organization and the people of the city of Homestead, what assets their community possesses. It will also show how to enterprise on those assets to create an industry that will help bring much needed funds into the area.Literature ReviewTo be able to critique and assess a comprehensive tourism plan, we must first provide a background in the field of tourism. By analyzing scholarly journal articles, or secondary research, this review will...

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