How Can The Web Give A Company A Competitive Advantage?

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The web is one of the most used tools in today’s world. It is a tool, because it helps everyone for everything. Before when we want to buy something we had to go store to store to compare prices and quality but today on the web we can accomplish all that just by clicking a few buttons, also before when someone sent you a letter it will take months before it reaches you, now it’s just second away before it reaches its recipient. The web has made our lives ay too easy and with a lot less time consuming. The web is a very useful technology especially for business, if one knows how to use it as an advantage. There are many ways that a website will be in one’s favor and make it an advantage for companies. Most leading companies as well as some small businesses use the web for advertisement and also for selling products. Some of the advantages of using the web are: availability, customer reviews, more customers, and marketing.
One of the most useful advantages for the companies is their availability increases. By using the web they can have a customer have live chat with their representatives. And if in future company get a complaint from that certain customer against their employ then they can go through and see if the customer is speaking the truth. Also by having chat online you can have few customer representatives just by making chat automaton by computer on frequently asked questions. Therefore, by eliminating few representatives, the company will make have more saving.
Customers will not believe as much on what company’s representatives as much on other customer reviews. If another customer who brought the same product and says that yes the product is excellent compared to other company's product, then most likely is that the customer will buy the product from a company that have good reviews. Before the web there was not likely people will have that advantage of buying products that had good reviews, they will just go and buy certain products that their one friend have bought, but now they can go online on the company’s website and read other customer review’s also and decide if the price is right for that certain product and how is the quality of that product differ from other companies.
Whenever someone says the web first thing that comes in mind is www dot something dot com. We know that www means World Wide Web. If certain company has their own website than they can increase their customers worldwide. Nowadays it is very easy to create an international business. Just by creating a website they can have customers all over the world also using social media as one of the main strength for companies. For example, Facebook gives advertisement space, so companies can have their advertisement there. If someone using Facebook across the world and sees the advertisement and goes there to check products company has just established an international platform. Even if that customer doesn’t buy anything, but like the products they will tell their...

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