How Children Are Positively And Negatively Impacted By Television

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Television violence is it a contributing factor to aggressive behaviour in children. For the last few decades attention has been placed on this issue, and it is a pretty major topic as the majority of violence occurs during prime time and in cartoons. The National Coalition on Television Violence has conducted surveys concerning the ranking of us television shows. Its results showed The Fox network shows the most violent programming, and was ranked number one in a recent study. The US television networks are not a far cry away for the Irish as most show shown there are also on offer here to our kids so these studies would very much relate to us as well. Fox broadcasts over eleven violent acts per hour by offering programs such as Americas Most Wanted. How can we be angry or dislike this type of programming as it is responsible for capturing over 243 fugitives? Although it shows violence, it is also dedicated to ending violence. And yet Fox also shows the animated programme American Dad the story of a clumsy C.I.A. agent who kills people for fun or just because they are annoying him. Parents need to explain to their children the different kinds of violence that can be shown on television. Parents must accept television into their home and explain the violence that is occurring. TV violence is not new, we have been hearing about TVs affects on children for quite some time. It is now the time to discover if TV violence does affect our children or not. There is a difference in watching the news and hearing a story about a murder than watching a cartoon of a coyote chasing a roadrunner. Most likely a child will be more inclined to identify with the cartoon than the news story. Children establish heroes on programs and identify with them.

Majority of research done on this topic focuses on the children’s access to unsuitable material e.g. violence, sexual imagery or bad language. It also covers the responsibility of parents to control access and of broadcasters to provide suitable programming for children, research looks at morality and ethics in terms of programme content, it checks out education what, if anything at all, do children learn from television?, it covers commercialisation are children being exposed to market forces? and the exposure of children to mass-produced entertainment which it is argued, ultimately leads to declining standards in literacy and the removal of children’s wants to play and be creative these are the foundation of childhood. All of these concerns, to a certain extent, think that children are vulnerable and need protecting. They are in effect, seen as being passive and open to corruption or manipulation. Television is often linked with the alleged destruction of childhood, and children are often stereo-typed as being lazy and TV zombies, waiting for their next viewing fix. “the nickelodeon channel actually seams quite proud of the fact that television displaces other activities. One of their promotional slots, used...

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