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How Did You Improve Your English Skills Over March Break?

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English is an important language in the world. It is just like a bridge that connects different countries. For English language learners, it is necessary to improve English skills. Therefore, March Break is a good time to improve my English. In this March Break, I enhanced my English in oral, writing and reading areas.

To begin, I improved my oral English skills. Firstly, I improved my English by studying from others. Last Friday, I went to the Mississauga Trillium Hospital to listen to a great presentation about health by some health staffs such as the emergency physician, physiotherapist, and psychiatrist. During their presentation, I found that each presenter had different styles. For example, the psychiatrist is a funny person. He said that when he decided to be a psychiatrist, everyone around him thought he was as crazy as a patient. However, he kept studying psychiatry in medical school. Finally, he becomes an established psychiatrist. This presentation really enhanced my listening skills. Since I want to get more information about health care, I need to listen to every doctor’s speaking very carefully and write some notes at the same time. It was a good English practice for me. Secondly, I participated in some extracurricular activities. For instance, I got a piano instructor job which is to teach children to play the piano. This job can help me to communicate with youth and build a rapport with them while encouraging their interest in music. During the teaching, I think the most challenging thing is when my students ask me a question, because I feel nervous. However, after more and more practices, I found it was not that hard. In this experience, I became more confident to speak English. I think this job can motivate me to present in front of people. Also, I can earn money from my job. Thirdly, reading aloud is a good way to practice my oral skill, too. I made a plan that can supervise me to get up 30 minutes early for reading aloud in English every day. Sometimes I do not want to get up that early since I am lazy, so I change my reading time tonight. I think to keep reading aloud every day is a nice challenge, as setting realistic goals and remaining focused on them is very important. Also, reading aloud may improve my pronunciation, especially my English accent. In general, there are many ways to improve oral skill. The main key is to keep practicing every day.

In addition, writing is one of the most important English skills that I think it is hard to improve. Firstly, good grammar is a basis of a writing piece. Since English is not my first language and there are many differences with Chinese, it is hard sometimes to use correct grammar. So, I spent a lot of time studying grammar in the March...

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