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How Different Concentrations Of Acid Affects The Growth Of The Crest Seed.

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Key Stage 3 Science Investigation.Aim: The aim is to find out the relationship between the concentration of acid and how it affects the growth of the crest seed.Theory: During the pollution topic, in acid rain, I found out that acid rain contains Sulphur Dioxide. This gas can kill plants. Acid rain can be caused by the burning of fossil fuels. The smoke from factories are carried into the air. It forms when oxides of Sulphur and Nitrogen combine with moisture in the atmosphere. These may be carried long distances before they are deposited by rain. Acid rain can cause a lot of damage. Many structures can be eroded, crops and trees can be killed and lakes can become lifeless. Plants are also damaged. The different concentrations of Sulphur can affect the surroundings and environment.Variables: During the investigation there could be many variables. Some include the concentration of the acid. Also the room temperature could be a variable. Others include the amount of light and the soil.During my test the variable I investigated was the concentration of the Sulphuric acid.We had one tube, which contained water. The others contained a 0.025m, a 0.1m and a 1m concentration of acid. This was the variable.Prediction: Using my theory I can predict that the crest seed in the water will grow the best. I also know the Sulphuric acid will affect the growth of the plants. This makes me think that the higher concentration of acid will not allow the crest seeds to germinate. My own theory is the lower the concentration of acid, the better the seeds will germinate.Plan: During the investigation I worked in a group of 5. First we collected the equipment for the investigation. Then we collected the different concentrations of acid. We got the cotton wool and rolled into a ball. Then we stuffed the wool into 4 different test tubes. We put about the same amount of wool in every test tube. Then we got the measuring cylinder and measured the amount of acid and water. The first time we measured it, the acid was too much, so we started again. We measured it again, but made sure the acid just drowned the cotton wool. We made sure each test tube had the same amount of acid or h2o, but we made sure the 4...

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