How Do Americans View George Washington And Christopher Columbus Today?

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Washington had an impact on America during the late 1700’s, and Columbus had an impact on what he hoped was the West Indies in the late 1400’s and early 1500’s. George Washington and Christopher Columbus are viewed in two complete different ways. Columbus found America and brought the early English settlements over. Washington helped found our country. However even though both men affected our country both are viewed differently than today.
George Washington set a legacy that we are still following and are inspired by today. His legacy that has been handed down for generations and for many generations to come, is one that provides our country with leadership and is the foundation of our country’s strength. George Washington is also known as the father of our country. After the American Revolution George Washington actually wanted to retire to his home in Mount Vernon. He refused to accept payment for his service in the Army. However, his country needed a good humble man like himself, and he could not say no to helping the country get started. Washington helped with the making of the Constitution, and he was elected president of the Second Continental Congress. The Constitution is still the law of the land 226 years later. He was elected as our first president in 1789. George Washington had to face some major problems as the first president of the United States. One was he had to build the foundation of our government. Right now our current presidents have to deal with world issues and debt. George Washington had to build the government from the ground up. Also, you have to realize that this is a baby country. This country that he is leading just got its independence from Great Britain, where they had a monarchy government. Our government was known as the great experiment, because it was something new to the world and no one knew if it would work. One thing that came along with the new government was the name president. George Washington had the humility to say that he did not want to be called royalty. George Washington lead our country with the constant hope of this is real and we can make it on our own.
Not only did Christopher Columbus change lives of the Europeans but he also changed the lives of the Indians, the Africans, and even future Americans. In 1492 Christopher Columbus sailed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of the West Indies. On his voyage he land on what is now know as the Bahamas, then went to cuba, and then landed on the Hispaniola. Columbus gave them the name Indians because he thought he was in the Indies. War was not always the case with Native Indians, in fact on the Hispaniola there was peace. However, Columbus brought not only men but he also brought the plague. This drastically killed thousands upon thousands of Native Indians. So many Native Indians were dying that Columbus had to request King Ferdinand to give them protection. ...

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