How Do The Poems We Have Studied Argue The Differences Between Love And Lust?(Includes To His Oy Mistress,The Relic,The Flea,The Clod And The Pebble)

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How do the poems we have studied argue the differences between love and lust?'...then worms shall tryThat long-preserved virginity:And your quaint honour turn to dust;And into ashes all my lust.' - To His Coy MistressThese four lines summarise Marvell's thoughts, both on love and on the subject of his lady's refusal to '...embrace...' him. The way he attacks her obvious honour with savage diction such as '...lust...' and '...quaint honour...' is crude and unkind, and leads the reader to believe he has very little regard for the feelings of his mistress. From the words '...long preserved...' we surmise that he believes she has been keeping her virginity needlessly for a long time. Mockingly, Marvell conjures a grotesque image of '...worms...', which will eventually '...try...' the long-preserved virginity. He quips about how his '...lust...' will turn to ashes. The use of the word '...lust...' seems to prove just how selfish his feelings really are.'To His Coy Mistress' is typical of a metaphysical poem, as it explores several profound ideas, love and sexuality, how shallow and transitory pleasure really is, and in the third part in particular how it is important to live for the day, 'Rather at once our time devour,Than languish in his slow-chapped power.'Also typical of a metaphysical poem is the way in which Marvell explores man's relationship with the afterlife, and states that after living there is nothing but 'Deserts of vast eternity', a very controversial idea for the seventeenth century when there was still a great deal of emphasis in society upon religion, and in particular the prospect of an afterlife. In challenging this, Marvell is challenging something fundamental to the beliefs of many of his contemporaries.Marvell describes the grave as being '...a fine and private place.' In contrast to this, John Donne, in his poem 'The Relic', says:'When my grave is broken up again,Some second guest to entertain,'These lines are meant in strictly different senses, though. Marvell uses it in jest, laughing at his lover's waste of time, whilst Donne states it as a fact he has accepted, because he uses the word 'when' rather than 'if'. This suggests that the re-use of his grave is inevitable, a very pessimistic attitude.The Relic and To His Coy Mistress have very different ideas about love. To His Coy Mistress focuses on '...lust...' and the sexual gratification of the narrator. The Relic is gentler, more affectionate, and this is reflected in the language. The main characters are described as being '...harmless lovers...' who '...perchance might kiss...' whereas Marvell's protagonists are encouraged to act like '...amorous birds of prey...' These are two clearly contrasting ideas.Another contrast between the two poems is how the narrator of The Relic openly praises his female partner, saying things like '...what a miracle she was,' but in To His Coy Mistress the woman is made fun of, in more of a hurtful and persuasive way than in jest.The Flea...

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