How Do The Sources You Studied Help To Create A Better Understand Of Women In Industry In The Two World Wars

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Wasim Aamir Noordin
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Source 5 is yet another propaganda poster from World War Two created by Phillip Zec, a leading British cartoonist and illustrator. As with source three, we are immediately aware that this source is propaganda as it is created by a leading British cartoonist – who is likely to be affiliated with the government due to his high status. What we can infer from the source on first glance is that it is very similar to source 3, being a recruitment poster. This is evident due to the text, firstly, which indicates that “Women Come into the Factories”, acting as a statement which says that women working in the factories is standard or the norm and any woman who is not working in a factory is negligible in terms of helping to create a balanced and strong economy and society. Moreover, we can infer that it is a propaganda poster due to the glorified picture of a woman, which acts as the main focus of the source. The woman is holding her arms out, with the planes in the background looking like birds along with her arms out; she looks as though she is a symbol of freedom. The government want women to feel as though they are free to choose whatever they wants but are contradicting themselves by imposing on the same omen to “come into the factories”. The picture is effective in delivering a propagandised image as there are dark skies in the background, only to be illuminated by this woman’s aura of light and freedom, which is a glorified image of what some would perceive as an angel; she has a radiant face and around her face us a halo which acts as being sudo-religious, implying that the working in factories is encouraged by God and that doing so will please him. This same transcendent aura is around the factories which indicate that they are also ‘God’s way to go’. This is useful for us as it provides an insight into what the government perceives will be the rewards from working in the factories. However, the source’s usefulness is lessened when we immediately realise that it is a government poster (due to Philip Zec’s Status) and therefore realise that it is biased and propaganda : this lessens the usefulness because we are not see the true states of the factories, which are perceived as houses of God in the illustration, due to the illuminating aura. Hence, the source is very similar to source 3 in terms of what limits its usefulness and that is the fact that we are given to indicating of what the women actually think of the factories. In this source the woman seems to be enlightened by her occupation whereas in source 3, the woman seems to be overjoyed by her occupation. This we identify as false in reality as the factories were actually “terribly hard” to work in, as accurately said in source 2. The source, like source 3, limits accuracy and therefore usefulness, for the very same reason – it is propagandised imagery which is specifically created to inform us that factories are holy and...

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