How Does Television Become A 'household' Name?

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How does Television become a 'household' name?Though much of the decade was spent deciding what was 'un-American,' the 1950's became somewhat of a reference point for what is 'American' in our culture. The values and goals that were set then are some of which are still among us and still strived for today. Everything about the 50's is perceived as "golden", though under the gilded layer of gold lay a deposit of paranoia and uncertainty. This is why television became so important in the 1950's.In the late 20's and 30's, the radio served double-duty, part news source, part entertainment source. While television was being developed in the 40's, radio served as the most up to date source of information during the Depression. It also served a greater purpose as a source of escape from the daily problems of life. Television followed in those footsteps.It started with McCarthyism. Americans developed nervousness about international events and a fierce national pride. These feelings were reflected in the anti-Communist movement in the United States that came to be known as McCarthyism, because of its founder, the father of pointing-the-finger-paranoia himself, Senator Joseph McCarthy.America began a trend that turned to traditional lifestyles and the idea of common decency. Church attendance rose, and any behavior that could be considered rebellious was repressed by social censure and, occasionally, by the courts. However, throughout the decade, the U.S. enjoyed a swelling prosperity. Automobiles became commonplace as the country grew prosperous, and highways, tunnels and bridges sprang up across the United States, making far-flung travel possible for middle-class Americans. Labor-saving appliances went from luxuries to everyday items. Perhaps the greatest changes in American life, however, resulted from the growth of television as a national medium. Political events were televised, popular programming entertained the country, and perhaps most influentially, advertisers piped their alluring images into thousands of American homes. At first, television was a mystery, as the radio had been when first introduced. Crowds would gather around department store windows to stare at the 7 inch screens with wonder. Before long people "had to have it."The Korean War was waging in a nation far away, but American boys were fighting that war, and Americans wanted the up to the minute coverage television offered. Then sporting events started to air, popular radio shows were being revamped for network T.V., and then it happened- the Joneses next door had one. Over a million sets were sold by 1951. Like most new gadgets,the prices were sky high for most middle class families, but people bought them anyway. In one book, "The Glorious Decade", author Ted Thomley recalls owing as many as twenty payments for "a matchbox sized screen."Of course, not unlike the radio, the first television programming was centered mostly around news. During World War II, the United States and...

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