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How Dyslexia Occurs Essay

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According to science, the brain controls all the functions of the body. It explains how important the brain is in ensuring that all the body functions are normal. There are instances when some parts of the brain fail to function normally and this could affect the normal behavior of the person. It may not be easy to define brain based cognitive impairment as the definitions are normally very broad. An individual suffering from this disorder usually experiences some difficulties in a number of mental tasks. The cognitive disorders not only affect people at a certain age as most people perceive it to be, but it affects people of all ages (Glen, 2009). There are cases where children are born with this disorder but in most cases, the brain based cognitive impairment syndrome is subject to experience at old age when the brain gets old. Those individuals disabled intellectually normally have very low cognitive and adaptive capabilities and the intellectual disability affects more males than the females. The paper is going to give an explanation on how dyslexia occurs, as a cognitive process or set of processes. The paper will also focus on brain based cognitive impairments, critics about the syndrome and the therapies for cognitive impairments.
Low level of literacy is what scientists refer as ‘developmental dyslexia’ when the readings is significantly behind the expected level of the intelligence quotient (IQ) in the presence of several other systems. It occurs by the incoordination, left-right confusions, and poor sequencing that is with the characteristics of the neurological syndrome. The main causes of most cognitive disabilities are usually biological or physiological factors within an individual’s life. The brain based disability can be genetic, that is from family members or due to injuries suffered by the brain. A diagnosis of cognitive impairment may be due to Dyslexia, traumatic brain injury, Dyscalculia, Autism and many others (Glen, 2009). Dyslexia is a cognitive disorder that makes an individual have difficulties in reading and being comprehensive enough. It may also include having difficulties in spelling and also writing. It is mostly common among the young children despite them being of normal intelligence and research suggests that this cognitive disorder be subject to obtaining by inheritance.
The two giants who made an impact in cognitive therapy are Aaron Beck and Albert Ellis. Aaron Beck is regarded as the father of cognitive therapy as he is the one who invented a therapy that can cure disorders regarding cognition. He has conducted research in psychotherapy, suicide, psychopathology, psychometrics and he even developed the cognitive therapy (Beck, 1975). He mainly focused on depression as it was the main cognitive disorder at the time of his research. He was able to conduct some research on a number of individuals with different kinds of cognitive disorders by using their clinical records and...

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