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How Effective Is Thomas Hardy's Short Story "Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver"

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How Effective is Thomas Hardy's Short Story "Tony Kytes the Arch Deceiver"In the 19th century the genre of the short story expanded greatly in its popularity. One of the authors who grew in his skill as a writer at the same time as the genre was Thomas Hardy. I will be considering a short story named "Tony Kytes The Arch Deceiver". The story follows the exploits of a handsome man in rural England. I will analyse how humour is generated, the importance in developing good characterisation and I will take a look at the social attitudes of women in the 19th century.The genre of the story gained popularity during the 19th century. This increased popularity can be attributed to a series of differing factors. Firstly it should be taken into account that there was an increase in literacy rates across England meaning there was an increased audience who wanted to read books. As a result of this there was a lot of demand for literature but most authors take a long time to write novels. Consequently the publishers and authors realised that there was more money to be made in shorter stories, which were easier to write.Probably the most significant factor was the progression in technology. The technology became more sophisticated which meant that the pressers could publish many copies of a particular story relatively swiftly; therefore more people had access to books and journals. The authors noticed that magazines were becoming increasingly popular and widely read so they wrote novels as standalone chapters which were part of a larger novel but they could also be read independently. Since magazines were widely read this meant that these serial became increasingly popular and the readers anticipated the release of the next in the series, their popularity is similar to modern day "soap operas". Like the soap operas the stories dealt with themes and issues relevant to the society, which people could relate to.Thomas Hardy was born in Wessex and the fondness for his country living is expressed greatly in the majority of his novels. Whilst Dickens wrote about the harsh realities of living in the city Hardy concentrated on the laid-back country life. However some of the issues in Hardy's novels were considered taboo amongst the public, this also contributed much to his popularity because he spoke of the issues that some might think were risqué.The short story "Tony Kytes" comes from a collection of story and is told by a raconteur as an anecdote. The story is set in bucolic surroundings. The title suggests that the main character Tony is some sort of con man or a philanderer. As you read the story you realise this is not the case at all. The title gives the reader a sense of expectation about Tony and before reading the story the reader already has a pre-conception of the main character.The main character Tony Kytes is described vividly by a series of descriptive words such as little, firm tight face. These words are simple and give a sense of the look of...

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