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Globalization 3.0
Globalization has been long argued to be the cause of many problems within the world, while this is true it is also incorrect at the same time creating a paradox that takes careful analytical examination. In the world we live in today, we are in what some have called the third Globalization event of humanity. What is globalization and how does this affect the world as a whole? Through the analysis of text covered in class and outside readings, I will attempt to answer this and explain how globalization is affecting the world, and what it will mean in the long term for humanity and society as a whole.
Taking the example of globalization as used in the work of Mr. Barber we can see that the globalization that is occurring at this period in time is not the same as it has been in previous generations or even periods of advancement in prior terms of globalization. We are experiencing a corporatizing of the world as we know it in this new era of globalization, where in the past it was just a major joining of countries or ideas to better serve one another in information or economics it is now a corporate juncture to gather as much financial benefit as possible by eliminating all small independent companies and shops. We are experiencing a “McWorld” as Barber would say. This implies a joining of multinational organizations to further their profits by expanding and conglomerating into a monopoly simultaneously. The argument he provides is that there are two types of societies in the modern world, those who have joined onto the “McWorld” model and those who have not, “Jihad”. While the term Jihad has traditional implications in religion, Muslim, it is only defined as a struggle within oneself to better their faith, I believe that in the context herein implied is that it is used to describe how states have resisted modernization and outside influences and continue to do so. Examples such as Kurds, Basques, Puerto Ricans, Ossetians, East Timoreans, Quebecois, the Catholics of Northern Ireland, Abkhasians, Kurile Islander Japanese, the Zulus of Inkatha, Catalonians, Tamils, and, of course, Palestinians—people without countries, inhabiting nations not their own, seeking smaller worlds within borders that will seal them off from modernity. This has not always proven to have a positive effect however, despite this attempt these nations, mainly the ones in Sub-Saharan Africa have suffered economic, and sociological downturns in the sense of advancement towards a better country. Where in countries those have adopted this movement, China for example, has seen some of the largest economic growth and expansion of wealth along with India in the history of the country. This can also be blamed or contributed to the loss of traditional ways and a more “Western” way of thinking as in the desire for material belongings and consumerist ways, vs. the old communal trade practices and trade systems.
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