How Has Your Perception Of "In The Wild" Been Illuminated By "Bladerunner" And "Brave New World"?

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"Brave New World" written by Aldous Huxley is a compelling novel which represents a bleak dystopic future. It was influenced by many happenings during Aldous Huxley's time. One is that of the strict class structure of England where people are born into a class and become stuck, their class determined by their speech. He was influenced by the advent of the Model T Ford which allowed for greater travel and the influence of Mass Production. The Novel addresses what happens if mass production is applied to birth. He worte his novel at the end of the Roaring Twenties a period of increased consumerism and invention and the beginning of the great depression which saw unparelled suffering and poverty."Bladerunner" is a film made in 1982 and reproduced in 1992. It was produced in period of time where the world was beginning to become conscious of preservation of the environment for the future. Also during a time when economic reform was happening worldwide and it was seen that consumerism would reach a new level. These two ideals are clearly addressed in the film.Man's interaction with each other is addressed by the two texts. In brave new world humans are no longer born and families cease to exist, people are created in factories through the process of mass production. In this society's eyes it is a great economical advantage and a way of life for them. The word "parent" could be likened to expletives used in current day. They "are unpleasant facts". "Family Monogamy, romance, everywhere exclusiveness, everywhere a focussing of interest, a narrow channelling of impulse and energy. ... no wonder these poor pre-moderns were made and wcked and miserable." It is seen that love and family is a hindrance to the development of society and was the source of pain. The novel during chapter 3 juxtaposes the two societies, through the structure of the paragraphs that of the past and the present which heightens the dystopia portrayed to the responder.In chapter 14 and 16 the family values are challenged by John the Savage. And "feeling strongly" is what John values most highly, and also what leads to his eventual self-flagellation, insanity, and suicide. Mustapha is saying that by doing away with these things, the World State has finally brought stability and peace to humanity but with now meaning. "writing when there's nothing to say"The notion of the family in "Bladerunner" is also addressed. The depiction is not as intense as Bladerunner as it does not totally restrict the idea but there is very little evidence of strong family bonds. The strongest family in the film is that of the replicants, they are a tight group and as a group of five they represent a simple family of brothers and sisters. They are not human but they have such strong human emotions that they are more human than human. Indeed their feelings for each other are so strong that they will mourn each other's deaths even though they were created totally different with a different purpose in their life...

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