How Ink Jet Printers Work? Essay

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Table of Contents 1. Cover Page 2. Table Of Contents 3. Inkjet printers 4. Impact vs. Non-impact printers 5. Lets take an inkjet printer apart! 6. Ink Cartridges 7. Ink Cartridges (continued) 8. The Printing process 9. How to connect the printer to computer 10. Consumer tips 11. The journal data travels from the Computer to the printer 12. Two kinds of Inkjet coding 13. How Makes Inkjet printers? 14. Reference Sheet 15. Executive Summary 16. Executive Summary (Continued) Inkjet Printers Along Inkjet or bubble jet printers were introduced in the late 1980s, it was not until 1990's when they obtain appeal, which consecutively created a demand. This belated attractiveness was directly related to high prices and low performance value. In the 90's the prices fell which in turn made their popularity as well as quality grow. "Inkjet printers are by far the most popular type of computer printer sold today" (Howstuffworks). They're primarily color printers and they produce high-quality text or graphics on just about any type of paper. Some higher end inkjet printers are capable of photographic quality.An inkjet printer, like all printers are output devices that retrieve data from the mainframe and transform the data on to paper. Inkjet printer's produces data in paper form by using nozzle to spray out extremely small drops of ink onto paper to create an image. "The dots are extremely small (usually between 50 and 60 microns in diameter), so small that they are tinier than the diameter of a human hair (70 microns). The dots are positioned precisely, with resolutions of up to 1440x720 dots per inch (dpi)" (Howstuffworks) Impact printers and non-impact printers § Impact printers have a mechanism that actually touches the paper in order to create an image. Within the impact category there are two different technologies: dot matrix and character printers. Dot matrix printers use a series of small pins to strike a ribbon coated with ink, causing the ink to transfer to the paper; while character printers are computerized typewriters.§ Non-impact printers, on the other hand, do not touch the paper when creating an image. They use thermal and electrostatic techniques, rather than mechanical. They are by far quieter than impact printers and produce higher quality graphics.The inkjet printers belong the non-impact family. Inkjet printers have no physical contact with the paper because the nozzles spray ink directly on the paper. Laser printers are as well members of the non-impact group. The main difference between laser and inkjet printers is that laser printers use dry ink called toner, static electricity, and heat to place and bond the ink onto paper. There also is large difference in price between the two. Inkjet printers are often chosen over laser printers for personal computer accessories. One large...

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2048 words - 9 pages implementation was weaker, a contrario, finesse did not exceed the 300 dots per inch (dpi) which, in the end, a fact that this technology has been abandoned by most brands. Ink jet printer The printheads inkjet prints use an ink liquid contained in a tank called ink cartridge. The head itself is breakthrough for purposes channels filled with ink, and a system piezo-electric or electric heating product variations in pressure that expelling droplets on the

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How Ink Jet Printers Work? Essay

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How Ink Jet Printers Work? Essay

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