How Is A 21st Century Woman Defined? I Recently Began

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How is a 21st century woman defined? I recently began asking myself that very question. Is women's lib, in fact, a positive and progressive movement? Have we evolved positively as a society in an attempt to clarify egalitarian thought? I will attempt, through my reflection of this topic, to answer these questions that are often thought about or asked about in society. I believe if guidelines and boundaries are not set on these feminist movements, they can, if not already, have disastrous effects on our society in an indirect way. These effects, in my opinion, have already occurred by means of human nature, whereby throughout history, as at hand, it seems to be a human tendency to "take the ball and run with it!" I will explain what these thoughts denote.A progressive, business woman, who challenges herself, is self-seeking, ploughing through all obstacles that may come through her way; obstacles such as men, family, and children. A self-seeking mentality consumes this woman. At no expense is she willing to give up what she has worked for. A vow has dropped into the depths of her heart that she will never allow anyone to control her or manipulate her again into the submissive position to a mate. This mate changed her beliefs to believe in a society that does not exist in love. She thinks, Love is dead; I will fulfill the next best thing, my needs. I want gratification and I want it now is the underlying voice of a progressive woman, who is selfish. "I am independent!" she exclaims. The beauty of this female in the eyes of teens, other woman, is often success! What a twist of success! Is it really success? Who defines this success? A wondrous sense of awe consumes the woman who does not possess these things. It is a prominent thing of the 21st century! "A woman should have her independence!" cries out a right wing feminist. Look at her! She needs no one! She can have everything herself! Aside from the touch of a man, she is able to be gratified without the need of a man. She can acquire an education, attain a high paying position, and progress to a fulfilling career, conquering all battles that stand in her way. No longer is it a man's world! "Here I am!" proclaims an intelligent, well-educated female.Equal rights we all cry as a society. Have we taken a moment to be still and notice where in fact this has taken us? We are making headway, many say, as we become more of an equal society, a society of freedom, particularly for woman. We now have the right to vote, the right to work, the right to "succeed," as many would define it. This too can become a consuming nature of a woman. Soon a woman feels she is missing out on life as she stays home with the children, unappreciated only to be greeted by a husband who does not respect the work she does around the house and then the 21st century woman becomes the envy of these women; contrary to the fact that the modern woman deeply wishes to have a family life herself.It seems this independence is at the...

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