How It Feels To Be Athletic

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I am independent but nothing like living on my own or of that sense.I remember the very day I became independent. Up to my fifteenth year, I had never traveled alone except to my grandmother's, and even then I was accompanied by a flight attendant. I had never been able to go anywhere alone, not even to walk to the store which was just a couple of blocks away. I live in a big suburb of an even bigger city, so I guess my parents have a justification for keeping me 'locked in.' In this city, there are people of all kinds and of all ethnicities. Anytime I would go out with my parents or just family, I would never be surprised at what I saw, I became much of a people watcher, especially at restaurants where the family would get together and tell of old times.I guess you could say that my front porch would have been a nice restaurant, a seemingly great place to see different people. My favorite part of a restaurant would always be in a booth facing the door; I could see everyone walking in from there. If one of the soon to be diners saw me I would just nod my head and give a hearty smile, letting them know that I'm just a friendly little gal. Sometimes I might even get an energetic "Howdy" back or a "How are you, she's so cute," to my Momma. I was always talkin' up a storm, welcoming people to the restaurant; maybe the management took notice of me and who knows? I might just work at some restaurant.During this period, the shy ones differed from outgoing to me only in that they never talked back. They would sit and listen though; they wanted to hear what I had to say. A little kid as cute as me got a lot of attention. People just watched with that sparkle in their eyes as I generously gave them a whole hearted conversation. I may have been a little on the young side, but I...

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