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How Managers Can Persuade Individuals To Act Ethically

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How Managers Can Persuade Individuals to Act Ethically

In today's modern world, there are many organisations with different
levels of management. Whichever level of management it is, the
managers will have to make decisions be it small or big. From time to
time, these decisions are influenced by ethics. Ethics are rules and
principles that define right and wrong conduct (Robbins, Bergman,
Stagg and Coulter, 2003).

In the world today, ethics are considered to play an important role.
Imagine a world without ethics, where no one was interested in the
environment or making things better for all. As people go on through
life, many of us are likely to have formed our ideas of decency and
fairness based on our experiences of life. Ever so often, our views
have been influenced by people we have met. In the workplace, there is
a collection of these many different experiences and therefore of
differing ethics. Many people join a company without investigating the
ethics of their employing organisation and often find themselves at
variance and out of balance. Because of this it is important for a
company to form a structure for ethics with a policy, a code of
practice, or a cultural understanding of the rules. It appears to
present authors that having senior managers who value ethical
behaviour as much as profit will achieve the greatest impact on a
company's ethical standards. Businesses need to develop the kind of
environment that promotes ethical development and they can only do
that from the top down (Orme and Ashton, 2003).

As businesses need to develop an ethical environment for their
organisation, members of top management can do a number of things to
encourage organisational members to act ethically. In order to
successfully carry out this idea of having organisational members
acting ethically is to implement a comprehensive ethics program. This
program will consist of several different actions which include hiring
individuals with high ethical standards, establish codes of ethics and
decision rules, lead by example, delineate job goals and provide
ethical training (Robbins et al., 2003).

Employee selection is the process of interviewing, testing and doing
background checks on the individual to determine that individual's
ethical standing. This process is used to eliminate ethically
undesired applicants (Robbins et al., 2003).

The next step is to establish codes of ethics. A code of ethics is a
formal statement of an organisation's primary values and the ethical
rules it expects its employees to follow (Robbins et al., 2003). A
code of ethics can be a practical guide for employees - one that
identifies key ethical standards and helps to clarify what
organizations mean by ethical behavior. Effective codes can help to
raise ethical awareness, facilitate dialogue, and...

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