How My Life Changed For The Better

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In just a short seven months my life has drastically changed for the better. I got the courage to leave a three year abusive relationship, found the man of my dreams, who had been right under my nose for five years, got my first job, at nineteen, bought my dream car, a convertible, and got myself back in college, despite all odds and negativity from people around me. I have worked very hard and defeated all odds to be where I am in such a short period of time. This past eight months has unquestionably been a huge accomplishment in my life. Some people call it luck, some an accident, and some call it fate. I say it was all of this as well as my actions.
First you should know what my life was like and how I decided to change it. I had been with the same person for three years. We will call him Nick. He was an abusive and controlling alcoholic and was only twenty when I left him. He was eighteen and I was sixteen, two months from seventeen, when we decided to date. Things were good for the first five to six months. He treated me like a princess and I'm not going to lie, I loved it. He bought me flowers, jewelry, and candy all the time. Whatever I wanted, I got, no questions asked. We partied every weekend, like most, normal high school students. Then around June his true colors started to show. He would not let me get a summer job and he did not let me go out with my friends. After I graduated in 2002 I turned down two softball scholarships and moved to Waco with him. I'm not sure why I did but by this time he had hit me a couple of times and started acting more like a parent than a boyfriend, by that I mean he told me what I could and could not do and what clothes I could and could not wear. He even threw out some of my clothes. While living together in Waco he became completely abusive and he always seemed to have been drinking. He was always drunk. It is the first week of June by now. I was in Holland, my home town, for the weekend. I decide to go to the Temple mall. There I ran into a long time friend, one I was not "allowed" to talk to. His name is Thomas. I'm not sure if it was fate or just plain old good luck but whatever it was I am thankful for it. We started to catch up and naturally he asked me where I had been so I started spilling my guts. I told him everything. Nick thought I was still in Waco so we, me and my friend, got together that Saturday night and had a blast. I left back for Waco Sunday afternoon. Nick was not attending summer courses at college he was back in our home town working. One day I knew he would be working until dark and then coming to Waco. I cut classes and worked hard all day that day. I packed all of my things and had my friend come to the apartment. He helped my load all of my things into his truck and head home to Holland. I tried driving back and forth from Holland to Waco every day to attend my classes. That did not work I could not afford the gas and I was starting to get...

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