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How Romeo And Juliet Are Relevant To Life Today.

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Years, decades and centuries have past and yet a play written in the 16th century is still related to how we live our life today, in the 21st century. Romeo and Juliet may have things that can't possibly exist today but many fail to realize the significance the play has. 'Romeo and Juliet' is about humans and human emotions we feel. As long as we have our emotions this play will be relevant to human life. Romeo and Juliet effects love, life and death and the society the world lives in.Love plays a significant part in the play. Romeo and Juliet teaches about love and the things that can come with it. Parents still force their children to marry through arranged marriages. Children sometimes feel pressured to do what their parents ask of them. Having a parent that's disappointed can be worse than having one who'd angry. Proof of this lies in the story of Bosko and Admira. He was a Serb and she was a Muslim. They came from warring religions, similar to Romeo and Juliet, who were from warring families, their love was forbidden and they died for it. In the play, loves conquered nearly all obstacles. They were at war, but love still won the battle. Love is the point of the play but sometimes love can be overshadowed by other things like death.Death took so many lives in the play, just as it does today. People have died in tragedies, car accidents, suicide, or by natural causes. The one thing that remains common among these events is that they leave grieving people behind. Many people in the world grieve for the people they have lost and each person grieves differently. You see on the news, people...

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1519 words - 6 pages otherwise the audience wouldn?t watch the play. This scene is important to the rest of the play, the reason being that Mercutio is killed and Romeo takes the life of Tybalt. This insures Romeo?s death in the eyes of the audience and angers the Capulets because of Tybalt?s death. Within Act 3, Scene 5 violence and conflict are plentiful. Firstly, Juliet?s mother insults Romeo, Juliet then appears to agree but uses words that could also mean that

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1448 words - 6 pages still facing chauvinism between religion and or races. Another prominent example in the play of discrimination against Jew appears in the playwright when they are forced to wear a red cap after dark, degraded in the streets and forbidden to practise their religion during the day. Today we can still see such discrimination, in France for example, Muslim school girls are not allowed to wear there traditional head scarves, a distinct part of their

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