How Strong Is George And Lennie's Relationship In Of Mice And Men.

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How strong is George and Lennie's relationship in Of Mice and Men.

Although not the same, their always together. John Steinbeck, author
of of mice and men, makes a powerful relationship between George and
Lennie. The love they have for each other, the feelings they have, and
the dreams they look forward to accomplish together is just so
priceless. For them two, friendship is everything. They do not care
much for anything else beside loosing each other or getting apart.
There is a strong bond in between them two. It never makes them feel
alone, helpless, or poor. They are two opposite people on a lifetime

George is so kind, responsible, patient, and an understanding man. He
understood Lennie when he finally defended him self from Crook, or
when he got in trouble at Weed. If George were not a good friend, he
would not be with Lennie, wasting his time. George loves Lennie and
always wants the good of Lennie. In addition, he helps him find
solutions or get away. He disciplines him and tells him what he did

Lennie is the man who always keeps George back from achievement. He is
innocent and a forgetful man. Soft and furry things usually get him in
trouble. Lennie idolizes George, his kind caretaker, almost like a
God. He does every thing that George does, copies him, and wants to be
just like him. In addition, he does every thing that George tells him
to do. Like when Lennie jumped in the river one time when George
jokingly told him to do so. Moreover, Lennie did not even bother to
defend himself when Curly was beating him. He remembered what George
told him, not to get in trouble. Lennie never intends any harm. It
just happens.

George may act cruel, or spiteful, but he never means what he is
saying. He only wants Lennie to change his act a little, although he
knows it is impossible. When Lennie first drinks the green water,
George stops him by saying some negative stuff. If George were not a
true friend, he would tell Lennie to do it repeatedly so a retarded
man can entertain him.

George reminds Lennie what he has to do all the time making sure that
Lennie would not get in trouble again or forget what he has to do. For
example when George kept on repeating to Lennie that if he gets in
trouble at the ranch, he should come back near the bush and wait for
him. Also to stay away from Curley's wife and...

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