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How Successful Do You Think Telco Has Been In Implementing Its Equality And Diversity Policy?

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Diversity & equalityDiversity and equality is about more than simply complying with the law. If a business doesn't employ a diverse workforce then it is missing out on valuable skills and experienceEquality is about recognising and getting the right people for the job. It is about effective working relationships and good practices. And when things begin to go wrong, it is about resolving issues quickly and fairly for both parties involved. The best employers already know that they need to use the qualifications and skills of all sections of their workforce. They recognise and can demonstrate - that a diverse workforce can give them a competitive edge in meeting the demands of a broad customer base. Discrimination usually amounts to exclusion in some form because it is wrong for someone to be singled out for different treatment, merely because of personal characteristics. Discrimination is bad for individuals and can:* Have a negative impact on productivity and profits* Deny employers access to valuable knowledge, experience and skills.* Cause stress-related illnesses* Poor quality work and long-term absence* And formal complaints tie up the time of staff, their managers and trade union representatives.No one benefits from this particularly if it ends in employees leaving to find a new job or career. Practical action on equality and diversity can help to avoid these costs. It also brings wider benefits for businesses. Good recruitment practices often lead to a more diverse workforce. Diversity, in turn, can help access new markets. It can also help improve a company's image as an employer.Telco has taken various steps to make sure that equality and diversity within the company is taken serious and that employees are able to work in a comfortable environment no matter what their differences or backgrounds may be. The following are the steps taken and the various organisations that have been set up to implement their equality and diversity policy:* ANNUAL REPORTS - which confirm Telco's commitment to it's employees and the important role they play in the success of the company* FEMALE EMPLOYEES - Telco believes that it's performance regarding the employment of women is better than other companies. There are about 20% of women at middle management level and 15% at lower levels of senior management. However the workforce is predominantly male and women make up a quarter of the employees, one of the reasons behind this is that employees within Telco are required to be skilled in engineering and technology and most women are not skilled in this area, female employees make up 2% of engineering workers. Telco is an active member of an organisation called 'Opportunity Now' which promotes gender equality. The company has also adopted a range of schemes to change it's male image and to attract women. One of them is a campaign called 'Take our daughters to work' where male and female employees are encouraged to bring in their daughters to work. As well as...

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