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How Taylorism Is Still Relevant Essay

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Frederick Taylor was the son of successful lawyer in Philadelphia where he attended the Phillips Exeter Academy with the hopes of attending Harvard, but was denied the opportunity due to an eye issue caused by night studying. Instead of going to college, Taylor entered an industry as an apprentice machinist at the Enterprise Hydraulic Works in Philadelphia. He also continued the activities typical of his upper class status, such as playing tennis and cricket. Frederick Taylor was known for always being different. He annoyed his playmates by insisting on elaborate and strict rules for each game they played. In anything Taylor pursued, he exhibited a frenzy for order, discipline, and optimization (Nath 4). His idea of Taylorism which is the production efficiency method that breaks every action, job, or task into small and simple segments which can be easily examined and taught came from his experience from working as an unskilled laborer, his theory is still used in today but the thought of whether it is helpful or not is an opinion everyone has a different view on.
Taylor joined Midvale Steel Corporation as an unskilled laborer, eventually rising to a management position. He also earned a degree in mechanical engineering from the Stevens Institute of Technology. At Midvale he has a range of jobs that allowed him to progressively develop and apply his theory of scientific organization of human work to achieve major processes. Taylor was the determined son of pretentious Quaker upbringing, and the man who used his studiously sophisticated vocabulary of salty language to bully the men into following his new standards of efficiency. Taylor’s career as an unskilled worker brought him into contact with slow output restrictions by the men, which he later called soldiering. He came up with two types of soldiering. The natural soldiering from the natural instinct and tendency of men to take it easy and the systematic soldiering from the workers careful thought and reasoning toward what they felt would best promote their interests. Taylor assigned the continuation of soldiering to management’s ignorance of what production levels were actually achievable.
His direct observations of men at work led him to develop what is known today as “motivation” theory, although this was a term that would not be introduced into the management vocabulary until much later. He called this method the scientific management, also known as Taylorism. He saw human labor as equivalent to machine work. To him human labor can be something to be engineered to achieve efficiency. Taylor theorized that workers were inefficient because they tended to ration their workload or work less then they could to prevent the job tasks from running out, resulting in loss of wages (Koumparoulis 421). One of Taylor’s former coworkers went up to him and appealed to his sense of fellowship, warning him that if he tried to get the team to increase their work rates they would throw him over the...

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