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How The Divided Line Relates With The Cave And The Light Of The Sun.

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In one of Plato’s most famous three analogies, that of the divided line, which was perfectly, rather clarified in the book The Republic. It is one of the most articulate stories. Plato brought out these models of truth, knowledge, and the natural world of truth along his analogy of the divided line. However, Plato’s analogies are over 1900 years old, I believe but they can still play a big role in today’s world. Plato believes that his manner of knowledge produced in his divided line, can be a significant part in creating a healthier culture and community.

Plato’s expression about his analogy of levels of knowledge, and the nature of certainty that he called the divided line. Plato then spread this mode of awareness into four different categories. These four different categories were then separated in two. Then he expresses the objects, which characterize the different modes of knowledge. In addition, the two groups of four were separated again. Nevertheless, these objects of awareness were dividing sandwiched between knowledge and opinion. In everything, Plato confirms that in order to move on to the next level a person must truly be aware of each mode of awareness. I believe this is the center for Plato’s divided line analogy.

Now we can picture it that one of these prisoners was librated. First, the prisoner sees the statues and fire that is causing shadows. However, he then believes and sees the shadows as reality and the statues plus bright fire as illusions. Next, when he fined his way out of the cave then he saw true objects for the time. The true objects signify the ideal forms, which are not visible to us. In order words, this was the juncture of the intelligible world. Moreover, this prisoner had gladly and willingly acknowledges these as reality then he saw the insignificance and imperfection of life in the cave. Meanwhile, as for Plato this became his third step of his divided line. Further, this prisoner started seeing and thinking belief due to the outcome of experiencing the objects of trees and animals that were fake improperly in the cave. Now we can say this prisoner’s authenticity has moved from imagination and belief in picture world to thinking in which Plato called the intelligible world. In this case, this prisoner has improved from opinion to knowledge on his way of awareness. Then with this new knowledge this prisoner now get to know how pointless the other prisoners live are. That these other prisoner’s lives rotate in cycle of something, which happened not to be real. Also this prisoner that escaped the cave can be compelled awaken to the other prisoners in this newborn world.

The thing Plato saw and suggest to his readers that the majority of humanity live in “the cave”, dark, and with the possibility of knowledge is what can bring them out from darkness. He explain it like these, because “the conversion of the soul is not to put the power of sight in the soul’s eye, which already has it, but to make sure...

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