How The Fortress Of Our Holland Had Virtually Collapsed?

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How the fortress of our Holland had virtually collapsed?It was the year 1934, I was a adolescent chap, at the time just 16 years old, I joined the "Royall Hollands Vloot" (The Royal Dutch Army), after leaving school early not allowing me to continue my studies due to world war one and the great depressions effects on my parent financial condition. I was the last of 14 children living with my parents, and my 12 older brothers had moved on with there lives after, my oldest Dennis died in the late stages of the war during a barbaric bombing attack by the Russian's. My parents were getting old and hated the topic of war, and I agree they had the right too, their son and my brother died in the conflict.When taking time to look over my parent finical potential, I realized they would never be able to live without a household income, this brought on my decision to take a risk and join the army who agreed to pay me enough to support my parents, and I, even though I was a high school drop out. I regrettably soon found out it was to be the worst decision I had ever made.In 1936 Adof Hitler was elected Chancellor of Germany to cause an embargo against all Jewish people living in Europe. By 1938 Hitler had formed a destructive, Jewish hating, man slaughtering, dictatorship, group called the nazi's, with a 5 year plan to make the world more free by killing all the Jew's. This plan was rejected by the world and was the eruption of world war two in 1939.Hitler declared war on the world, and I was set of fight, but unfortunately I broke my leg during a weekly emergency training exercise, and was retired from the force, and left helpless to live with my parent in Gouda 10km north of Rotterdam, in Holland.The nazi's had invaded every country in Europe by this time on a mission killing every Jew they could find. Many of my ex-schooling friends had been killed and slaughtered, being either Jewish followers or people who did support the nazi's proposals.By Tuesday, May 14th, 1941 the situation was hopeless. Mum, dad and the rest of my family had had enough. The Fortress of our Holland had virtually collapsed, and yet the Germans (who used to be our allies in world war one) were not happy.They could see through the eyes of victory, planing to conquering Holland in a one-day operation; it had by far almost stretched into a five-day operation. I was terrified; I couldn't walk the streets (NO ONE could walk the streets), No one could go out side, we where basically locked in our houses, with only the food we had and the polluted water from the tap, just waiting for it all to stop, waiting for weeks, that turned into months until...January 1942, Germans made it known that if we Dutch didn't immediately surrender they would begin to systematically bomb the country's cities. This would most likely have killed my family and I, and would have continued to leave 1000's of people homeless and hundreds of people dead if, General Winkelman (who had now been authorized as the...

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