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How To Analyze Films Essay

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Did you know it is more to film broadcasting than just visible viewing it? The ability to analyze films implicates closely examination of cinematography. Cinematography refers to the process in film of lighting a shot and achieving quality in the visual images that are captured. The cinematographer in any film is also known as the director of photography and may be either an artist or a technician. It is this individual who is responsible for ensuring that the images appearing on screen are presented to reflect the mood or the emotional effect and the style seen by the film director, producer, and writer as essential to conveying its meaning. The director of photography works closely with the director and interprets the action of the story in terms of light, shade, composition, and camera movement. Other responsibilities include selecting the type of lens to be used for a shot, which influences the appearance of the image, and determining the camera position and angle. The director photographer rarely operates the camera directly; this function is usually the responsibility of the camera operator.
This essay will broaden your ability to view films from behind the scene of film shooting, set design, lighting, screenwriting, casting, makeup, special effects, color, sound effect, dialogue, soundtracks to editing and post production. It will clarify how to analyze films by exposing the art of watching, analyzing and evaluating films from differential approaches.
While it is natural to prefer certain film categories over others, before becoming a receptive viewer one need to consider obstacles to objectivity so they might have the ability to achieve the maximum enjoyments that generates through prejudices and misconceptions by particular circumstances in which films are watched.
Preparing to see a film without prior knowledge is almost impossible in today’s society due to oral communication, films credits and film ratings; however, eliminating objectivity helps us to appreciate the art of watching films. (Boggs & Petrie p. 9) One aspect of eliminating impartiality is to view a film in its proper environment. Try selecting an environment that is attractive and comfortable; preferably a theater with modern stadium seating and the upmost quality projection and audio sound equipment. As comfort and sound plays an immense role in how well we appreciate an experience. While viewing films try to restrain your comments and thoughts. Take mental notes and discuss them at a later time with others who shared your cinematic journey. As restraining your comments and thoughts avoid passing bias and negative viewpoint onto others.
The basic approach to analyzing films as a whole is to keep in mind that when we are watching a film we cannot freeze for analysis. We have to concentrate on the interactions of image, sound, and motion that are present. In addition we have to accumulate impressions of the film effectiveness and maintain some degree...

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