How To Achieve A Good Negotiation Outcome?

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How to achieve a good negotiation outcome?
Negotiation helps to create value through agreement that make both parties better off than they were without an agreement. It comes with numbers of strategies and steps to be conducted. We can easily divide it into pre-negotiation, negotiation session and post negotiation (Hawkins & Hudson, 1992).
The first and crucial step that must be implemented in order to achieve a successful negotiation outcome is pre-negotiation which involves planning and preparation (Liu & Chai, 2011). In planning and preparation, Liu & Chai (2011) had describe in specific how it should be done for effective negotiation. We must analyse the situation ourself and our opponent. In the case of our group we have to find out about the background information of our opponent whom we want to encounter here it refers to the Chinese Peranakan in Kampung Cina. If we find out about our counterpart before entering the negotiation stage we can identify the opportunities and constraint. This will contribute to our good negotiation out come as we can alreadey anticipate what we will be confronting.
Apart from the opportunities and constraint, we should also be prepared by determining the purpose or goal of the negotiation. Is the negotiation to be created is for deal-making or dispute resolution. Liu & Chai (2011) believe that by determining the purpose of the negotiation, we can determine whether to use distributuve approeach or intergrative approach. In our case, we are doing a deal-making negotiation. Therefore we prepares an integrative approach negotiaton to negotiate with the people in Kampung China. By preparing to use such approach before the visit. We had managed to achive a few good negitiation outcome.
Another important part of preparing and planning to achieve a sucessful negotiation outcome is by determining the target resistance points in the negotiation. This part is crucial so that when we went to the negotiation stage we are not influnced to follow their price offer. This will help us to stand firm with our offer. Without this, we migh just as well yield to their every demend without a proper negotiation thus cannot achieve a good negotiation outcome.
After we have done preparing for our war of negotiation, we can proceed to the negotiation session. As we will be commnicating with human that have emotions, it is crucial for a negotiator to buid the bond or relationship with the counterpart. From our observation based on the trip, we find that the Chinese Peranakan people are very timid and shy. They tend to look away when we try to communicate with them. Therefore Hawkins & Hudson (1992) stated that we must first introduce ourself to the counterpart and give a convincing opening remark in order to build the relationship that...

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