How To Care For Aging Parents

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The book, ‘How to Care for Aging Parents’ is authored by Virginia Morris and with a forward by Robert M. Butler. In up-to-date new edition, the author completely revised and expanded over 200 pages of the text, covering the emotional, the legal issues and procedures, the financial aspect of every kind, medical related issues, and logistical related issues in caring for the elderly.
The author
The author is an award winning journalist, Virginia Morris has devoted her career to research as well as writing about health care, political issues, medical research and related social issues for over two and half decades. After winning the Books for a Better Life Award, the book instantly became the best-selling when first released in the year 1986. An updated edition was published in 2004. She has also the authored ‘Talking about Death’, which came out in paperback in 2004.
Topics entailed in the book dwells on: first, getting ready and set which touches on talking with parents, gathering essential documents, researching the options, organizing your own life and when you can’t be there. Secondly, your parent and you that entails; adoption of the new role, knowing when to intervene, to defuse old struggles, managing day to day and the difficult parent. Third, caring for the caregiver. Fourth, healthy aging, heart, mind and soul. Five, tips for daily living and more help at home. Six, the inner circle. Seven, the doctor’s dos and don’ts. Eight, the body imperfect and matters of the mind. Nin, paying the way and paying for healthcare and tenth, legal issues as well as home away from home.

The strength and weaknesses
The book is an exceptional reference for any individual who care for the elderly; it provides insight on how to arrange for funeral and settling of the estate. The author understands the emotional and physical impacts to the caregiver and offers very helpful recommendations. She starts by preparing the caregiver of what is lying ahead, as they venture into new territory of unknown of taking care of those whom they always depended on to take care of them. The book guides through of all aspects of this unknown road such as talking with one’s parents to get hit on their priorities at the elderly age and emotional attachment to particular items and places surrounding them. Secondly, the author guides and advise that one should gather all essential documents in the custody of the elderly that are of necessity to facilitate the provision of services. Thirdly, researching for the best options available on how to go about caring of one’s parent and finally the author advise that one should organize his or her life in order to balance between caring for aging parents and one’s career/personal development (Virginia, 2004).
The book elaborates on how one adapts to new roles of caring for the aging parents, the author gives a well-reasoned and informed advice on how to look at issues and make a sound decision on when to intervene as well as when...

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