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How To Write A Research Paper: Questions And Answers About Falcon Norhtwest

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Step 1: Define Your Research Purpose

After searching the internet for possible places to seek employment I found Origin PC, Digital Storm and Falcon NW. I found all three extremely interesting. So I visited each companies website where I read about the companies and saw the computers they offer. I also found out where they are base out of and got a feel for how the company is run. I desired to investigate them all more and I will eliminate two in order to complete this research project. I picked Falcon NW because it is the oldest and have very nice computers.

Step 2 Take a mental inventory

After years of reading gaming and computer magazines and a search for top custom computer manufacturers I found from a Google search Falcon Northwest. I saw a the company and know of it from advertisements. The company I want to investigate is Falcon Northwest. Falcon NW is owned by Bay Engineering which leads me obvious to think that they are engineers of some kind. I do not know where Bay Engineering is based out of maybe San Francisco? Falcon Northwest makes me think of airplanes which is good because the company had it start in aeronautics. What does Bay Engineering do for Falcon Northwest? Maybe they help design new computer cases or help troubleshoot problems that come up when new designs are implemented into prototypes.

Step 3: Formulate Research Questions

If I demand work for this company, I deem it essential to know more about the company. Beneath is a list of the questions I want to find the answers to when I do my research.

• How large a company is ?

• What does the company make, do, or sell?

• Where is the company located?

• What is its financial base/stability?

• What is its mission?

Step 4: Find Sources

First Source: Falcon NW website

If I worked for Falcon NW I would be building custom computers for clients. I would be trained in all the Falcon NW techniques and would be able to be a part of a company with a perfect reputation. Kelt Reeves stand behind his work and does a 12 hour graphic loop at a 85 degree room and I would get other test before the system is ready from the client.

Second Sources Wikipedia

About the company

Falcon NW started in 1992 in Medford, Oregon with contracts from high end computer systems aim at Flight simulation software. In 1993 Bay Engineering bought out Falcon NW and focused on CAD and continued with the Flight simulation systems. The current president is Kelt Reeves had brought Falcon NW great success with the Tiki the best SFF system on the market today.

I found some good information on Wikipedia about Falcon NW.
Step 5: Answer Research Questions

Third Sources Companies Find The Best

Address: 2015 Commerce Dr Medford, Oregon 97504-9744 United States
Industry: Computer and Peripheral Equipment Manufacturing Companies

This listing is for Falcon Northwest's Single Location in Medford, OR. The company primarily...

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