How To Conduct An Effective Meeting

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The Employee Retention Committee Meeting involves certain number of people who coordinate according to the schedules setup by the members and correlate their activities with the work of related committees (Liebler 2008 pg 326). The meeting was scheduled ten days earlier and personally notified to the committee and still promptness was ignored by the chairman. Also committee members should be more responsible and participating but we have seen that some members have forgotten that there was a meeting. A committee is more than an informal group that meets to discuss an issue and share ideas, even if such a group meets regularly (Liebler 2008 pg 312). It is a duty of the chairperson to check to the compliance with mandate deadlines and action and obtain a meeting space (Liebler 2008 pg 326), but in the present circumstances we see that both the duties were not considered and meeting was held in a small and stuffy room with no enough chairs for the committee members. It would be rather better if the meeting would have been scheduled in a larger room with better surroundings. The duties of a chairperson have been debased in the present scenario to a considerable extent as no support information was distributed prior to the meeting plus there was no sufficient information to distribute to the committee members at the time meeting and the discussion was random and with no prioritization on the other hand the duties of a chairperson includes coordinating and distributing support information prior to meeting, proper planning and preparing the agenda and sequencing according to the prioritization. As per the given background the last meeting held by the committee was still undecided as certain issues were still not looked at and decision was still to be made for those issues. ‘The manger who informally calls together a team of subordinates or other manager to talk over an idea or problem is not dealing with a committee’ (Liebler 2008 pg 312), but in this case the chairperson is not well organized neither in communicating with the members with compliance nor with the materials as he has to search for every...

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