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How To Overcome Management Power Issues

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As leadership teams works together and become cohesive, there is a chance that they may fall victim to groupthink. Groupthink can create issues due to a lack of criticism and questioning. There are many example within history of well know groups falling victim to groupthink such as the Vietnam War and the Bay of Pigs. These disasters could have been avoided if the groupthink mentality was avoided
Another issues leadership members may have are narcissistic tendencies. Within an organization leadership has power to change the dynamics and culture of the organization. This power and change can become more likely the higher the position that is held within the organization. These narcissistic tendencies can be learned or psychodynamically based. Narcissism can be good to a point, but if it crosses a line and become destructive, something must be done about it. This journal will be about my involvement of groupthink and my narcissistic tendencies and how I deal with them.
Narcissism and Groupthink
Narcissism and Overcoming the Shortfalls
I believe that to a point people have some narcissistic traits, especially as they rise to power within an organization. Personally, I have narcissistic traits that are learned and not psychodynamically based. Psychodynamically based narcissism is based on childhood development to parents that may be cold, indifferent, and callous (Vecchio, 2007). These psychodynamic narcissistic tendencies are more engrained within a person and are harder to deal with and change (Vecchio, 2007). Learned narcissism is based on learning from others, such as observation, reinforcement, and self-imposed standards (Vecchio, 2007). For my learned narcissistic tendencies they are healthy, and not destructive. I know, however, that these tendencies if not monitored could become destructive to both myself, my organization, and those around me.
Some of the traits that I know I have are self-confidence, relationships, ability to follow a consistent path, and a healthy foundation from childhood. Vecchio (2007) defines my traits as as self-confidence that is in line with reality, relationships that have real concern for others and their ideas, having high values and following through with plans, and growing up with support for self-esteem with appropriate limits on my behavior towards others. Most of these traits if not continually monitored could become disastrous to my career, because they can shift into the destructive narcissistic category.
One way to avoid becoming a destructive narcissism is with feedback. I continually monitor myself and those around me, I ask for feedback from my colleges to understand what I can be doing that is better. I also take into consideration what my leaders and subordinates expect of me. This is a 360-degree feedback model. The real problem with this for me is I know who is giving me the feedback. This creates a problem in they may not disclose everything they want for fear of retaliation. This is why...

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