How To Eat More And Exercise Less

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The program is designed to be very easy to use. From the moment you open the box, it has a step-by-step guide, and tells you exactly how to create a completely customized weight loss and body sculpting plan, that is just right for you. I choose this weight loss program because it works, my best friend used it and it worked for her and I also tried it out after I had my son and it worked for me too. I believe that is a good program and the results vary with different people. It is a six week program, which is broken down into three main aspects. We have the Custom Eating Plan; this is the heart of the program. Then there is Accelerated Fat Burning program, this deal with the actual fat loss due to simple cardio routines. Which is walking and proper breathing technique that keeps the heart in its correct target. Finally we have the Custom Body Sculpting Plan, this is use to reshape the body to the exact way you want it.This program was developed by Michael Thurmond. He grew up in Los Angeles, California. When he was a young child he was fat, but as he grew older he learned a new way of exercising. He learnt that working harder wasn't necessarily better and that changing the shape of your body was relatively easy once we knew what we are doing. He said that people ask him how is it possible to eat more and lose weight and he informed them that everyone's body is different with different metabolism and body chemistry. He stated in his book that everybody's responds differently to foods, that everyone needs different kinds, types and quantities of proteins, carbohydrates and fats that would speed up their metabolism so that they can loose weight.The key to fast fat loss is by speeding up our metabolism. Metabolism is the rate at which our body uses the food that we eat for energy; this is the speed that our body burns the food that we eat. Some people have fast metabolism, whereby they are always hungry and might have a problem keeping the weight on them. While some has a very slow metabolism, whereby they can it a small portion of food everyday and still weight the same or gain more weight. So the key to this program is the facts because the slower ones metabolism the less fat the body will burn because some of the food would not be converted to energy and stores as fat. But the faster ones metabolism the faster the food is converted to energy.Having a slow metabolism can be due to genetics, people that are born with slower metabolism or people that have had issues with their weight their entire life. Then we have age, as we get older our metabolisms seems to slow down. Activity, this deals with how active we are and how much exercise that we do. Exercise plays a big factor to speeding up ones metabolism. Then we have the foods that we eat. This can be the bigger problem that...

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