How To Date A Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, And Halfie

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The short story “How to Date a Browngirl, Blackgirl, Whitegirl, and Halfie” by Junot Diaz is the main character, Yunior’s, guide to dating girls of different races and the ways to act in order to get what you want from them. The only thing Yunior seems to want for these girls is sexual acts. This short story argues that a person’s heritage, economic class, and race affect how a person identifies themselves, and how their identity affects how they act towards other people. The pressures a person may feel from society also has an effect on how a person treats themselves and others. The pressure and expectations from society are also what makes Yunior think he needs to have sex with these girls. There are many different occasions of the main character talking and acting differently to other people within the story, such as: to himself, his friends, and the different girls he tries to date.
Throughout the story there is evidence that the main character is ashamed of himself and his background. He hides the government cheese, which tells us that he is in a low economic class. He also takes down embarrassing photographs of his family and himself, which is more indication that he isn’t proud of his family, background, or heritage. Yunior also tells us many things to do in order to be like other people, especially white people. He tells us that you need to run your fingers through your hair and to write directions for parents in your absolute best handwriting (Diaz 236). It is also evident that he is ashamed of his background when he states “You’ll wonder how she feels about Dominicans. Don’t ask.”(Diaz 237). Also, when he is telling the girl stories about the neighborhood, he says not to tell her that his mother knew immediately what tear gas was because of the United States invasion on her country (Diaz 236). He is ashamed by his mother’s experiences and his heritage. Yunior is doing and saying all of these things because he doesn’t like who he is or where he has come from,; he is embarrassed.
Although Yunior is ashamed of his upbringing, he does many things that show us that he wants others boys his age to like him. He acts differently towards his friends and other boys his age in the neighborhood. For example, when his friend refers to the girl Yunior is trying to date as ‘”that bitch”’ Yunior only agrees with him (Diaz 236). He doesn’t defend them at all, which is an indication that he doesn’t care for these girls at all, only what they’ll do for him. He also says that he will call his friends and let them know ‘”He did it”’ if he does hook up with one of these girls, with no respect for them. This is indicating that he is trying to hook up with these girls because he feels like his friends expect him too. Yunior does this because he sees other boys doing these things, and he wants to be like them. He wants to be the same and be accepted, and that’s why he treats these different people...

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