How To Deal And Its Impact On My Life, And What The Movie Was Trying To Say To The World.

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Halley Martin doesn't believe in storybook romance and thinks love just complicates friendships until she meets Macon (Trent Ford) the one boy who is able to break through her fears and allow her to experience real love for the first time. Mandy Moore stars as Halley Martin in the summer's chick-flick "How To Deal" by New Line Cinema, Moore plays teenager who has become very skeptical of love and what it means after seeing her parents divorce; and best friend, Scarlet, become pregnant and then suffers a terrible romantic tragedy, of losing her baby's father to heart failure in a soccer game. Halley's perfectionist sister is now engaged to a man that just doesn't seem right for her at all. In this movie there are many different journeys. Halley's father is going through a midlife crisis and is getting remarried after just finalizing the divorce, to his wife of over 20 years and Halley's mother hates him for it. Halley's pattern of not caring what people think is very strong yet gets thrown out the door when Macon Forrester waltzes into her life. She tries to stay true to her "down with love" mantra but ends up head over heels, like teenage girls do, in love with him.In the beginning Halley is very unattached to anyone in the movie except for her best friend Scarlet who becomes enthralled in a very heavy relationship with her star soccer. Halley soon falls in love with the mysterious Macon, although it isn't as serious as Scarlet's relationship with late boyfriend. The two are more fun to watch and witness as they have their experiences together. Macon and Halley become very involved with each other and become, something Halley was so scared and confused about, an affectionate couple. When coming home from a New Years Eve party Macon gets into a car accident. Macon and Halley both make it to the hospital, but, that is the last that Halley sees of Macon for about a month. With a broken arm, and a broken heart, she is left with yet another example of a dysfunctional relationship. She is left in a hospital room passed out and wakes up to both her parents, but no Macon. After falling in love she feels completely hurt, and lost all over again. This is the main fall of the movie physically, and emotionally. Halley can't seem to find the words to explain to her parents the situation with Macon. Macon isn't at school and is no where to be seen. Halley has no time to be as depressed and hurt as she feels because of her sisters wedding plans, or her wedding fiasco. Halley's grandmother comes to stay with them, so Halley is left to hold all of her pain inside. One day out of no where Macon shows up and tries to talk to Halley as if nothing has happened. Being the independent young woman she is, she tries pushes him farther and farther away. She's now concentrates on bigger and more important things. This too is the beginning of the climax, Halley's sister is getting married after being away from her fiance and its then that everyone realizes that they are...

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