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Fall 2014BIOL 1107: Principles of Biology ICRN #80216Lecture: TR, Academic Bldg C256, 12:00pm - 1:15pmLab: R, Academic Bldg, C232, 2:00pm - 3:40pmDr. Breana L. SimmonsOFFICE: Academic Building C218PHONE: (478) 289-2084EMAIL: bsimmons@ega.eduOFFICE HOURS: MWF: 8:00am - 10:00am, TR 10:00am - 11:00am, T 1:30pm - 3:30pm, or by appointmentPrinciples of Biology I is the study of an organism's cellular basis, biology development and variability. Topics include: the chemical and cellular basis of life, the perpetuation of life and evolutionary biology. There are no prerequisites for this course. Our textbook is Campbell's "Biology" (10th ed.) Pearson Benjamin Cummings (Publisher), ISBN 0-321-77565-1East Georgia College promotes critical thinking in the classroom. Critical thinking is essential to meet demands of a rapidly changing workplace, a workplace that esteems higher order thinking and creativity. To remain competitive with the rest of the world, to preserve a robust democracy, to maintain our quality of life, we must produce thinkers, innovators, creators, and leaders--- all dependent upon critical thinking. Student learning is assessed using a critical thinking rubric (see appendix). Outcomes listed below are the primary outcomes addressed by this course:Practice in using the scientific method of problem solving.Develop a background of the basic principles of biological science.Develop basic laboratory skills.Develop a scientific vocabulary.This course will utilize a short pre/post-term quiz to assess overall learning success. Assessment of scientific vocabulary and comprehension of basic biology will be accomplished through written examinations. Critical thinking assignments (case studies, worksheets, data analysis) will be completed in class. Students will be expected to put their knowledge into practice (demonstrated use of the scientific method) by presenting independent research on a relevant biology research topic. Lab assignments will be turned in weekly for evaluation of laboratory skills.EVALUATION:Critical Thinking Assignments 25%Laboratory Work 25%Exams 40%Final Project 10%Attendance of both lectures and labs is essential to learning and should be taken seriously. Missing class does not excuse you from assignments or exams.No makeup exams. No late homework. NO EXCEPTIONS.This is a "flipped" course. You will complete preparatory assignments (e.g. reading, research, watching videos) before attending class. During class we will work on activities (e.g. lab exercises, case studies, discussions) that facilitate the prepared material. In this way we can cover a large amount of complex material very quickly, and you will retain more of it, which will be reflected in your grades. The instructional videos are all available for free online.You are responsible for knowing East Georgia State College's policy on plagiarism & academic dishonesty, which can be found in the EGC Student Handbook:...

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How does 'The Death of a Salesman' by Arthur Miller and 'Better Days' by Bruce Springsteen position us to see the American Dream?

1328 words - 5 pages ' because of the ideals drummed into him by Willy since he was a child, about how he has to make it in 'two weeks'; he can't start from the bottom, he has to go straight to the top. Biff cannot settle down in one job and just drifts. Willy has passed on the idea of the American Dream to his sons but it is his twisted interpretation of it.His younger son, Happy has a steady job but likes to make out he is much more successful than he actually is

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1009 words - 4 pages immoralworlds' and body mind invasion in a certain fashion. Now l willcompare it to how Rick Deckard in Do androids Dream of ElectricSheep developed the same themes.Was Rick Deckard a moral man in an immoral world? He lived ina world where humans were given classification such aschickenheads or specials if they didn't pass a mental exam. Theywere being judged by their own to see who was worthy to go tomars and live a better life. If they passed

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1351 words - 5 pages Shakespeare wrote 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' for an aristocratic wedding in the gardens of a big country house. The play being performed outside would have made the forest scenes much more believable with the flowers, grassy banks and shrubbery. Women never performed in plays - it was thought an unsuitable job - so female parts were always given to men. This added to the humour, as seen in the film's portrayal of the Mechanicals' performance of

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614 words - 3 pages a professional, We not only save time and energy but we save our hard earned money also by not committing mistakes. Secondly, our internet research can never match the vast experience attained by a professional in the Industry. He/She can guide us about the best ways by which we can realize our dream kitchen without disturbing our budget. So, It would be wise to give a new dimension to your cooking craze by choosing a professional kitchen remodeling expert.

Discuss how the glass menagerie celebrates the human need to dream

1038 words - 4 pages "The glass menagerie" celebrates the human need to dream. This need is shown in Amanda's escapism, Tom's dream of adventure and Jim's American dream.In 'The Glass Menagerie,' Amanda is constantly trying to escape from her poor, less-than-glamorous present by dreaming of a brighter, happier future for her daughter Laura. This dream is shown when Amanda is looking at the moon with Tom and thy both make a wish. Amanda expresses that her wish is


1418 words - 6 pages Many tell us to keep dreaming. To chase our dreams until they come true, and that the unattainable can always be achieved with enough pursuance. Is this saying really true? In the novella Of Mice and Men, the story follows the life of two immigrants, George and Lennie. Lennie a gigantic man with a mental infirmity travels with a man named George, they dream of owning a farm, and living off of the land and thus only working for themselves


755 words - 3 pages dream, but how many actually achieve the American Dream? Is it a reasonable goal that Americans should strive for, or is it a myth that only leads to self-destruction? Having a lot of money, a good job, and expensive possessions are all characteristics of this American Dream. Even though, many Americans seek to achieve all of these material possessions, how many can say that they are truly happy, once they reach this goal? There is no


1113 words - 4 pages Dream?Michel Davidson was on a trip to his grama's house in Brazil. He was flying a jet, which he had bought two years ago after winning a very good amount of money in a competition that they held on an island. The point of the competition was to survive for one month on the island. They did not give him any resources during this time and he could not have any human contact unless he wanted to quit.It had been an hour since he had departed from

How we dream

651 words - 3 pages and insight to learning how we can feel happier, healthier, and more fulfilled. Many people have solved their problems through their dreams. Some have created music and poetry in them while others have experienced prophetic dreams that have helped save lives.Since the dawn of time, all humankind has experienced dreams. Dreams are the one thing that we have in common with everyone. For scientists dreams were guardians of sleep. It was believed that

what is dream? how we dream?

1229 words - 5 pages Name And the Father name Your class Your teacher Your date Dreams Dreams are well designed movies where most of the times you are the hero. Sometimes these beautiful movies turn to be horror movies where you become the victim. Martin Luther King had a dream, but his dream was a hope not REM dreaming. Dreams have an important factor in our lives. The normal person dreams every day, but he forgets what the dream was after waking up. They consist a

Dream Big; DREAM Act

1414 words - 6 pages straight A's, and work hard", however; at the end none of it matters because their legal status does not allow them to continue pursuing their education. How could it be that a child cannot pursue their educational goals if it can benefit society? These diverse students are capable to strengthen the military, improve the economy and become part of innovating America. The passage of the Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors (DREAM) Act is

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1461 words - 6 pages Death of a Salesmen by Arthur Miller, one of America's leading playwrights of the twentieth century was written in 1949. This play describes the conflicts within the Loham family to succeed in Willy Lohman' idea of the "American Dream". Willy Lohman's distorted mind believes that success is measured by your wealth and by the number of people that like you. In fact, Willy indicates that the number of people that like you is demonstrated by the

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2030 words - 8 pages dream. "the brain then races madly to keep up with the flood of imagery that the signals produce. The brain then tries to do its' best to assemble the images into a coherent story" (Dolnick 42,43). Hobson believes that while the images we see in our dreams have no meaning, it is what the dreamer adds to the fumble of unrelated information. Hobson claims that this is how the dreamer reveals himself. Dolnick tells us that "on the most general

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