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How To Have A Better Relationship With Coworkers

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After yesterday’s class, I have thought a lot about my attachment style, and how I relate to others in a professional setting. I think, that for a very long I have removed myself from having relationship with people I work with. Not to say that I haven’t been available, but I definitely have had my guard up. I do not trust people, and although I am openly out as a gay woman, I am consistently questioning the way people relate to me based on my sexual orientation. I know that it may sound very paranoid, but as a supervisor, I think that people have undermined my place based on my sexual orientation.

This may seem exaggerated, but I think living in the bible belt of America has given me a perspective that many may never be aware of. For example, I am confronted by people that look down on me as a sinner and that as a privileged Christian they do not have to take my direction or guidance. In addition, this privilege and demeaning of my place has been reinforced by others, staying things like “it’s their right to feel that way.” In order for me to be a successful supervisor I am going to have overcoming the pain and discrimination I experience daily. I am just not there yet, it still affects me greatly as I am unwilling to be a quite disturbing gay person that adapts to be tolerated. I demand acceptance and that may never happen.

Until my dream for world peace is fulfilled, I can begin working on becoming skilled in my ability to make and keep a healthy relationship between myself and supervisee. I need to perfect my reflection skill, I want to further develop it, as I think it will help me step back and gain a perspective of the issues surrounding supervision. I think reflection strengthen and deepen ones understanding of one’s self, and it teaches us about their weaknesses, prejudices, stressors, biases, and needs.

Sometimes, my insecurity prevents me from accessing situation and better understanding of others and how to best communicate with them. I need to rehearse in my mind what I want to say, how best to say it, and what outcomes I want to gain from the situation. This reflective skill will help me better communicate with supervisees, and strengthen the supervisory working alliance between myself and my supervisee. I do think that the reflective processes allows for empathy and understanding, while increasing the opportunity for healthy supervisor-supervisee relationships. In addition, it is also a teaching opportunity where practicing reflective techniques the supervisor also models for their supervisee. It demonstrates the professional and positive behavior and has the potential to influential ethical attitudes from the experiences that they cannot be taught in any classroom (Lee & Everett, 2004).

I need tp a create and keep up healthy supervisor-supervisee relationships, and work on my interpersonal strategies. I could become better and skillful at listening more intently to the other person to gain deeper...

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