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How To Interview Essay

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How to interviewInterviewing is an art form of intricate discipline that combines preparation andspontaneity in a potent mix. Like any art form, it's practiced so many different levels,depending on the innate talent, hard work, and creativity of its performers. At its best,what really takes place is an "inter-view"- a mutual process of looking inward( intermeans " between" ). The success depends on first understanding your own internal views.The more self-awareness you cultivate, the greater the ease and skill you'll bring to theinterview process. The word interview is derived from the French entrevue/entrevoir,meaning " to see one another". The tremendous opportunity available to find out aboutyourself through discovering other people, their ideas , and your responses to them cancome from interviewing. Successful interviewing requires a basic foundation, advancedresearch, negotiating a interview, preparation, and recording.The basic foundation for any interviewer is to be able to communicate and listen.Communication is a learned process that never really stops once we initiate it.Communication is also a complex process among differently programmed individualsusing an infinite variety of symbols-language being only one kind of symbol. Tocommunicate successfully in the interview setting, both parties must be in a state ofreadiness, able to share a symbolic system, willing to establish a relationship andatmosphere that facilitates interaction, capable and willing to listen and to engage inappropriate feedback behavior, and flexible enough to respond sensitively and with goodjudgment to a wide range of inputs (Beach, 1982). Memorizing lists of principals andreciting them upon demand will not make you a good interviewer. According to Barone(1995), you must understand them, practice them, be able to adapt them to differinginterviews and interviewees, and refine them to suit your personality, background, andneeds.Listening plays a very big role in building your foundation before interviewingtoo. In my opinion, the key to being a good listener is to want to listen, which can requirewillpower and discipline. In most cases few people are unwilling to make that effort.Basically, listening for most of us is waiting for a chance to start talking again. Accordingto McLaughlin (1950), we all desperately want to be listened to, but what we do is justprimarily talk. In my view, when you listen deeply , your response assists and inspires theperson to speak with more clarity and poise. The simple but demanding act of listeningwith total concentration, which includes hearing more than just the person's words,enables the speaker to concentrate and to reach more deeply for ideas and ways toexpress them. One authors believes that people rarely experience the pleasure andempowerment of being listened to intently, they feel it immediately when it exists, and itgenerates excitement and makes them want to connect with the person who is the sourceof that employment. The...

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