How To Overcome Leadership Challenges Essay

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With so many constant changes today with different generations, legal and political circumstances and ever-changing and improving technology sources, organizations have new and recurring issues arising every single day. The reasons for these issues vary widely and develop because of so many different situations. The outcome of the situation depends on many factors including the issue at hand, the management style and the ethics of the organization to simply name a few. These outcomes can certainly make or break an organization if not handled appropriately. The issue I have found to be the most significant is leadership. Within leadership, there is the opportunity for many issues in itself.
Leadership styles and practices, one of the most vital aspects determining productivity in organizations, is truly what sets the standard for every level of management within a company. If a proper leadership style is not chosen and followed to lead a team within an organization, there will be no one to follow and the team will certainly not be successful. The repercussions of poor leadership will certainly make a drastic difference in a company. This can include the needs of not only employees, but customers, shareholders, partnership companies and supplier needs to name a few. Not meeting these needs are certainly grounds for decreased profits overall in the long run.
One very important aspect of a great leader is to lead by example. Any person in a position to guide others cannot ask the team to do one thing and act in the complete opposite way. This is a sure way to show that the leader has a need to show power and quickly loose respect from those who should be learning from him or her. Being a role model is important for anyone in an organization. However, it is especially important to a leader. Leading by example is a sure way to show the best way to be productive and profitable. Attitude is additionally important. The way a leader responds to different circumstances will be reflected by team members. This can be crucial especially when referring to dealing with consumers. It is an easy way to make sure all employees have their priorities in the right spot and benefit the organization the very best way possible.
The person in the position to lead a team must be willing to learn, as leadership can be taught. Without this willingness, the end result will eventually be failure. Additionally, there must be the ability to be an effective communicator. Excelling in communication is one of the top consistently rated traits of distinguished leaders (Mcnamara, 2013). This is important in order to be thorough with employees on their expected job duties, but also includes the ability to listen when an employee needs guidance. By being open to communication, both the leader and the employee can learn from one another, especially when a leader is open to learn new things. Productivity will certainly be affected by communication efforts. A...

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