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How To Paper: Wrapping Up The Season How To Wrap Gifts

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Wrapping Up The Season!!!One of the best parts about the holiday season are the gifts. Everybody lovesreceiving gifts, but nobody ever thinks about the wrapping part of theequation. Most people dread gift wrapping because they find it too tedious anddull. Besides, why spend so much time on something when in the end it is justgoing to be shred to pieces? Well, no matter what the size of the gift,wrapping a present does not have to be boring or drawn on as one might think itdoes. The following shows a few examples of how to wrap common holidaypresents. A neatly wrapped package can make a great holiday gift extra special.Feel free to apply the basic wrapping principals on any present you have togive; you'll be glad you did.First, start out by rolling out a nice square of paper for the classic squarebox. Make sure that the pattern desired on the outside of the package remainsface down. This technique may be used for any rectangular package, too. Afterhaving sufficient paper spread out, place the box on it face down. Then,carefully center it to assure that the paper fits the whole box. Next, fold thelong sides over the box, and tape them down. Then, crisply fold together theends of the package. Now, seal the ends shut with a sufficient amount ofadhesive tape to keep them closed and resistant to tampering. One may chose thetime saving, attractive, pre-made, stick-on, satin bows to compliment thewrapping.The next gift wrap offers a little more challenge than a standard square box.This method may be used to wrap circular objects. Begin by stretching out asquare sheet of wrapping paper but this time start with the package at the endof the paper. Now, snuggly roll the package over, wrapping the paper aroundit until it is covered. Then secure the ends of the paper together at thebottom of the package with adhesive tape. Then, fold the open ends of thepackage closed. Afterwards, seal the ends with more adhesive tape to assuretamper resistance of the gift. A package's bow...

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