How To Prepare A Speech. This Essay Is A Process Essay. It Goes Into Detail About The Steps Required To Write A Well Developed Speech.

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How to Prepare a SpeechOh, my gosh! Did someone just say "speech"? Not a speech! The word "speech" strikes terror through everyone that hears it, especially if you've never written one before. Well, have no fear. I'm going to guide you through your first speech.The first step in writing a speech is to pick a topic. The topic should relate to your audience and be interesting to you. If you're not interested in your topic, then you won't want to research it and chances are your audience won't find it interesting either. Your speech topic could be something that you know a lot about or something you want to know a lot about.Once you have your topic, the general purpose and specific purpose statements should be written. The general purpose statement is the broad goal of your speech. An example would be: To inform. A specific purpose statement is a single phrase that states exactly what the speaker hopes to accomplish through their speech. An example would be: To inform my audience of the history, severity, and consequences of bank robberies. Other than the general and specific purpose statements, the central idea statement should be made. The central idea statement is commonly known as the thesis. The central idea statement is a one-sentence statement that sums up the major points of the speech. An example would be: The bank robbery in Norfolk, Nebraska is just another example of how severe bank robberies have become over the decades.Once these statements are made, you are ready to start writing your speech. The first step in writing your speech is to outline it. By outlining your speech, you make sure related ideas are together, that ideas flow from one to another, and that the structure of your speech will "stand up" - and not collapse. There are two types of outlines that should be...

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2005 words - 8 pages . Recently,she said she has had a strained relationship with he teenage son. They have agood relationship, but he knows how to lay guilt trips. Before she was soberher sons got their way all the time, and did as they pleased. He is becomingmore independent and at 16, and getting a drivers license. She has setboundaries, but he does not readily accept this. It is also difficult sherealizes that he mother he knew growing up is a different (sober

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524 words - 2 pages I.Places for Family and Patient SupportA.Outside of Our Area1.Royal National Institute of the Blinda)On their web site is much information about RP They host many events in different countries"»VISION 2005 in London, this is for gathering and the public.b)Abseils, Aerial Slides, Driving Challenges, Jails and Bails, and have their own MasterCard, this money goes to their research.c)They have a help line for those afflicted. In 2005 they are

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1013 words - 4 pages ,You knew that I was there -You saw me before I was born.The days allotted to meHad all been recorded in your book,Before any of them ever began."This seems to be saying that god has already begun to have an influenceon the life of a person before they are even born. The life of a personis already unique and god has already given them their own identitybefore they are born. If this is true, and the quote seems to be sayingthat it is, then abortion

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1396 words - 6 pages . It also constructs a very visual image to show the reader how the bushman in Lawson's story views this particular situation.Lawson focuses on his narration rather than developing the characters in great detail. This way Lawson gives us an insight into the characters through a sequence of events. Lawson describes the characters as good-hearted men who have a strong sense of mateship. Lawson's techniques convey subtle emotional messages to the

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542 words - 2 pages fear of the unknown that transformed the boys into savages. As the boys, civilised in the beginning, were happy and satisfied to be on this mysterious island, But later wishing for nothing more than to go home and at the end loosing all hope and turning into savages. This process was only caused by the fear of the beast, where they drew wild conclusions and convinced themselves of how terrible it was without having the slightest idea. Golding

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748 words - 3 pages fact that we all have faced – and survived – one of the most difficult and comprehensive curriculums this nation has to offer. As our reflections of this past prepare us to face the future, whispers of success inevitably break the silent moment of contemplation. For indeed, it is all too easy to be swept away in the seductions of a golden tomorrow; now is our brief opportunity to survey the landscape and see just how high our mountains will

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1058 words - 4 pages like.If this policy is embraced by the aged, (who should very well be concerned about their financial futures), it will solve many of other conflicts in our society. One of these is that of elder abuse. Where the elderly are forced to take care of their grandchildren while the parents go out and endeavor careers. If the aged are working, then this issue will simply not arise. Also, due to their job commitments, muggings and violence against the

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