How To Prevent Obesity And Other Facts Regarding Obesity. We Were Supposed To Write A 4 Page Paper. Solutions To Being Obese.

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There is never a time in your life when being obese is a good thing. Being obese, or overweight, can lead to many health and psychological problems through out your life, and a lot of the time you begin your obese life as an obese child.Over 15% of American children are considered obese, with that number growing my the day. Most of the time a child becomes obese because of a bad diet. Parents now more than ever are eating out at fast food restaurants and people are suffering because of it. A home cooked meal used to be the favorite of every member of the family, but now a greasy hamburger is the American norm.Another reason why children gain weight is because of little or no physical activity. Recent inventions such as video games and cell phones create a world where you do not need to move anything besides the ends of your fingers to be productive. Children that are physically inactive will have no way to burn off the calories that they eat so the body stores it as fat.As I said earlier, being overweight can lead to many different medical conditions. Some diseased attributed to obesity are diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease (The number one killer of Americans. Take that big Tobacco!), sleep problems, cancer, and many other disorders. Many Americans die everyday because they decided to eat too much and exercise too little. Who knows what diseases these people might have cured if it wasn't for their untimely death. They might have even cured obesity.Even though obesity causes severe physical problems, it may cause even worse mental problems. Even though it may be wrong, obese, or "fat kids" as they called them when I was growing up, are the most made fun of. Yeah, they're made fun of worse than the geeks and the freaks. Being teased for this can lead many kids to become depressed or even worse: suicide.There are three main solutions that could cure the obesity epidemic. The three solutions are a better diet, more exercise, and surgery. Surgery would be the least suggestible one because there are many risks involved in doing that. But if people would just not eat so much and just exercise for an hour a day then they would be on the fast track to a long and happy life (as long as a gun doesn't stick it's nosey head in the way.)Many studies that have a direct relationship with science have proven that a good diet and regular exercise can cause a person to lose an average of approximately 8% of their total body mass. Now I know most people will not be happy with this because that means they would have to actually apply a change to their life. They would rather have a pill that you take and it makes your fat melt away and down into the sewers. I don't want that coming up in my toilet I will tell you that right here and now.Anyway, to get back on topic, obesity is the number one killer of American people. Those people who make those "Truth" Ads should lay off Big Tobacco and focus more on Big Mayonnaise if they really want to help.One of the...

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