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How To Be Successful In College

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Alaina PappasSLS1103 386128April 1, 2013How to be Successful in CollegeCollege students are a very unique group of people. Not only are they expanding their knowledge in education, they are broadening their self-awareness and enhancing skill sets for life. Many people continue their education to pursue a particular career, to challenge them, or to better them. Whatever the reasons, strategies to accomplish these goals are necessary throughout the student's journey in college. Success can mean something different for every person in college, but aiming to achieve it is something most students have in common. I recently read an article titled "Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost" by Alison Fletcher, an Associate Professor of History at Juniata College in Huntingdon, Pennsylvania. Professor Fletcher presented this speech among the freshman class of 2015 to inform them of how to be successful during their time in college. She illustrated several key points that the average student should know to make the most of their learning experience. Meeting new people, taking risks in your academics, and pushing yourself out of your comfort zone are the main structures Professor Fletcher advised to these new students.In order for students to be successful in the collegiate environment, they need a strong support system of family and friends. Having that encouragement and faith from others can really propel a student to do the very best they can because the pride their family and friends withhold will reflect in the individual. Making friends in college could very well add to this support system because the student will then have someone to relate to and who can relate to them as well as they encounter their education experience. Professor Fletcher dissects the idea of making friends in college, in which she states "You should have fun together, support each other, challenge each other, learn from each other, and most importantly, listen to each other."(p. 2, "Not All Those Who Wonder Are Lost", Alison Fletcher). Interacting with peers opens up more opportunities for the student to grow as a person as he or she navigates through college.It's important for the individual to feel that they can connect with someone going through similar experiences. Having a friend to talk to when things start to get overwhelming really benefits him/her because it provides them that release after a stressful academic week, or other stressful situations. Attentive listening is one of the most important things a friend can do to help one another because it is providing the moral support someone needs. Sometimes feedback isn't necessary, just lending an ear will do. Creating relationships with peers can also help a student discover what kind of people he/she want in their lives; it could also help a student get more in touch with themselves and discover different aspects of their personalities. A lot of people who have gone to college still have friends that they made while attending,...

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